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  • Too tame for me lol? Naw my therapist was just a tool haha, but yeah I am better off out of it. And you mean being the same is a good thing because at least things haven't got worse, or? If you don't mind me asking what do you get up to, are you studying or working or anything? Or just taking it a day at a time battling these ****ty problems we have?
    Hey Emmy! I wish I was cured, but sadly not. I got kicked out of c.b.t =/ But I am trying to move forward with things despite that. I just don't come on this site much except to keep in touch with a few people.

    What about you, how's life treating you In general and are you making much progress? Get back to me when you can always nice to hear from you.
    :D Glad we did! I shall add you in a mo and next time we are on Ill shall join you to the call! :D
    haha, oh, I am not cool. Just be you. That's all everyone wants. Or should want.

    However, have you tried this Yoda speak? If not perhaps try it you should. Kidding. Just be you.
    Aw...nah your definitely not the only one, c.b.t has been the highlight of my week so far, my life is really that boring currently haha.

    And you mean the weather gets unbearably hot? The weather over here sucks too, but because were lucky to get any sunshine. I guess the grass is always greener, we brit's complain when it's Sunny too...I think the weather is just something we like to moan about :P

    Thank you for the well wishes about therapy, you know I think you might of blessed me with good luck! I don't normally feel like therapy get's me anywhere, but I had a bit of a break through today!

    Hope the weather stays cool for you =] I'm glad you like the animal pics, I will try and post more soon.
    Hey Mmm, how is life treating you? Things are kinda the same for me, I have c.b.t In half and hour so I'm feeling all jittery right now lol. Get back to me when you get the time =]
    Heey mmmm:D
    Yeah sure i don't mind haha, i really like it.
    Btw, you look pretty in your picture.
    no it's not too late, if you made your team i will msg you the pin code to join the league
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