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  • Hey mmmm,
    How are you?
    I was just wondering if you had heard from alpha recently?
    HAHAHA, yayyy! I'll be eagerly counting down the next 6 months in anticipation of the great gift then x
    Aha yay! That means we uh, have to buy each other family presents at Christmas and stuff. Hope you like variety biscuits and selections of tea x
    Hahahaha, that made me laugh. I know how you feel, but you can have the red balloon its fine. Although, I think our balloons are related, that technically makes us family! x
    Which balloon face would that be then?? Mine is yellow, and his right eye is twice as big as his left because the artist had a static shock when drawing on the appendages, and lost control x
    Hey there mmmm, It's a common newspaper dating ad. abbreviation for Good Sense Of Humour :-) x
    thank you, sweet mmmms. :)

    (i didn't get to have cake today -- was too full from my middle eastern feast! i'm going to have a lazy day tomorrow + treat myself to some sweets. <3 )
    Aw it's ok not your fault, if it wasn't for you I still wouldn't even know there was a chat >.< And thank you for the cake :D *nom nom*
    Yeah =[ Maybe it has something to do with be being an ex mod. I will try and see if I can get it sorted when a mod is on.
    lol thank you! And hey do you mean the mini messenger chat box, or is there another chat box I am completely oblivious to lol? Anyway no worries about getting back to me, I sometimes don't always feel up to replying to people, so take your time. But is nice to hear from you. Aw at you not getting your ab lines after 20 minutes, it was obviously a crappy gym ;]

    Super sorry for the late reply, had a lot on recently! I can't believe you had a job as a teachers aid, though I'm sorry it was you who suffered when the cut backs hit. Still it's kick ass you did something so huge like that, I'm sure you will find something again when you feel motivated. As much as ruts suck, I think we sometimes need them to recover.

    And aw your not making me feel obligated, though it's sweet you asked. I don't think it's weird either. I always feel like I'm bugging people. Anyway I'm stuck In a rut too. I'm pretty much housebound at the moment, but I have some big changes going on. Once life is a little more stable I'm going to try and get back to the gym. Not exactly a big goal but hopefully it will lead to other things.
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