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  • Yeah, I guess we tend to get used to some things, right? XD

    I heard about that, but tbh i wasn't sure. Anyway everyday I seem to find less good things on TV XD
    Yeah I heard that! I thought they were going to end and then they decided to make it last 2 more seasons hahah
    The world will be different without The Simpsons, they are older than me XD
    I think I watched all the seasons of Seinfeld like 2 summers ago or so.

    And I still find The Simpsons funny too, but some of their older episodes are just amazing XD
    I remember that episode!! XD
    There are some freaking hilarious scenes from that show hahaha
    About the Simpsons I think they were better some years ago, but I still find them funny :p
    I hope I can go every 2 weeks or so, I can't wait an entire month everytime I need to go XD

    Thanks! I hope it works for you too :)

    I love Seinfeld! haha Thanks! I think I've received more compliments for this avatar than for anything else XD
    Anyway the Simpsons are still better :D
    No problem, one of the things I've learned since I am here is that distances are not so important ::p:

    You know that it's well spent money, so go ahead! :) In here it's free but I need to wait more than a month until the first session available and then I don't know when I will have the second one o.0
    I don't know you personally so I couldn't tell, but I've met a lot of people who felt hopeless and I can tell you none of them were.

    6 free sessions is good but... $140? :eek: I hope it's worth it and you see an improvement soon :)
    Yeah, I know what you mean. Always trying to give good advice, being positive towards others, while not holding so much hope for yourself at the moment.... it's not easy. But nothing lasts forever (even cold Nove... sorry XD). Really, things are temporary, and if you go to see a therapist it shows that you want this change soon, good for you :)

    Actually I'm going to see one soon myself, let's see what happens. Btw in here it's free (free health care system), how can it cost there? Anyway, good luck with it :)
    I do actually live in Australia too MikeyC, however my SA has always prevented my from going to nightclubs/drinking etc. I live up in sunny Queensland :) I only went to the Gold Coast because my mother wanted someone to go with her. It was quite boring actually.lol::p:
    *Makes note; Sydney is dangerous place* :D. I'll remember that if I ever get down there. I last went to the Gold Coast in 1989, very different back then.::p:
    Well, from the positiveness I see in your posts I think you can do it :)

    I was having a hard time myself not so long ago, but I'm pretty good right now :D
    Hey MikeyC:) I just noticed the pics you posted of yourself at the Gold Coast. Great pics!:cool: The way the Gold Coast is going, your lucky you did not get stabbed or shot! lol::p:
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