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  • Oh no need to be sorry, I understand. You must be still very tired. I can relate actually, little sleep makes me cranky as well. Hope you can make it up though :)
    Wow, you had a very eventful night really, some of them seem funny lol :p I hope your friend Blake is okay ;) I'm sorry you had to go to work after such a night though.
    Haha yep, I want to visit tons of places too but.... Well lets just hope both of us can go to the places we like one day and I hope you get a job you want too ^_^
    Yeah, I think I'll go one winter. You should come here once too and visit Goa, tourists also like Rajasthan, Agra and Kerala I think. I know what you mean, money is a problem for me too. Hopefully I can overcome it if I get a job lol. What do you do btw?
    There're snowy mountains in India too but its a little far from where I live. There is a place which is few hours drive from my house where it snows sometimes as well but only when its extreamly cold lol. Ohh! Its great that you're going for a trip. I hope you enjoy it :)
    Haha yeah me too ;) Goa is a nice place though I've never been there. Well its pretty hot in here, I've never seen snow before :( and its a craaazy country with tons of historical places. I want to explore it more as well.
    Uhh not exactly. Its funny that you think I'm from America :p I'm actually from all the way opposite of America. I'm from India.
    Haha my friend is one of the most sweetest person I've ever met and you seem like a very nice person too. So so far I've a very good experience with Aussies :) No, I've never been to Australia before, but I really want to. Ah, maybe someday I can ;)
    She's originally from Sydney but has recently moved to a small town of Australia, I don't remember the name but she says its a wonderful place.
    Thanks for the compliment. I hope you feel good soon :) Are you from Australia? I've an amazing friend from there, also its a very beautiful country.
    LOL I know the feeling of being lazy. I should be on the drums, practicing...but yeah, lazy. :)
    I know! I'm so late with it XD
    Too busy with uni, I guess... nah, I'm just lazy XD
    I watch Two And A Half Men sometimes when it's mid-afternoon and I have nothing to do XD
    I used to watch Big Bang and How I Met Your Mother, but I still have to watch the new episodes from this season :p
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