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  • Man theres a ton of stuff Id like to get but Ill have to restrain myself and just get Xenoblade Chronicles X and Fallout 4. What about you?
    Ehhh...Ive not been able to freakin play it. Every time I tried to log in last week Id end up waiting like 20 mins to get in, then get disconnected in like 5. Too many people are trying to play at once. Maybe I'll have better luck this week but Im getting ready for final exams now. Im thinking you do need PS Plus. I keep it because I will mulitplay in certain games, but not a whole lot. Yeah I heard about that DS 3 lol. Ive not beaten any of the previous games so Im just gonna leave that alone to preserve my sanity >.<
    Lol.Im sure your relative has some plant knowledge.I think being outdoors and working up a sweat figuratively at least,is good for the mind and body.Im not sure snails are the most affectionate of pets,but their shells can be nice colours.

    I have only seen bats once but they were great flyers.Animals,insects that are nocturanal can be easily overlooked or ignored,despite them being facinating and beautiful.Moths are a good example.

    Have you seen any badgers or hedgehogs before.As you know their numbers are falling sadly,particuraly the hedgehog.
    Hi.I have thought about being a gardener with customers but I think I lack confidence and experience.Its interesting that your family member is a gardener.Does he have alot of customers and plant knowledge.

    I have only seen bats a couple of times in person.The are interesting animals,with their sonar,speed of flight etc.
    Dark Souls 3 confirmed...I think Ill sit this one out. Still havent beaten the last 4 games >.>
    It was a good job and the pay was good. They took care of me for the most part but I thought it was so difficult. Im finding that civilian life can be more difficult if you cant get a decent job. Anyways I actually just picked up ESO a few minutes ago. Im playing it on PS4 though >,<
    Hi.I know more the common typical garden plants to be honest.You could probably search online for tips by entering the name into a search engine along with the problem.

    I work part time in a resturant,but Im trying to become a gardener.I also volunteer part time as a gardener.Actually I have does some conservation volunteering in the past.One memerable day the team I was with,help to make bomb shelter more bat friendly.It was fun also to come across animals like Slow worms,newts etc.

    What are some of the unusual creatures you encounter.

    Most people dont like out of pocket surprise payments,but getting agressive etc is an over reaction.
    Yep Air Force. I worked on weather equipment and it was pretty fun traveling but I think I took it for granted >.<

    Yeah lol...the Geralt is like a serious ladies man. I actually kinda hate him because of that. But thats only optional and you actually have a challenge in romancing certain women as they dont all respond to the same things. I could never get ALL of them in any game. Yes sir they are based on a series of foreign fantasy books. I only read the first one and it was interesting as I never knew what kinda guy he was. In the first game he has amnesia so you get to decide how he acts. I made him a ****, but in the book I read he had a great sense of honor almost like a knight. And often stood up for people. But Ill need to read the others to make sure lol.
    Hi.To be fair alot of birds do look and sound different.Even the plain brown ones have some differences.But with the brown ones it is harder to tell them apart ,yes.Wow,your job sounds like a dream job if you love plants and animals.Even though most jobs have good and bad points though.What do you like best about your job.

    Scabious is attractive yes and distinctive looking.I have a decent plant knowledge from reading books,visiting gardens and gardening courses.Plants and mammals are facinating.

    Lilies,climatis,tigrida pavania,Dahlias(Single and collerette),Zinnias,Hostas(varigated ones) and Cannas( with colour folliage) are some of my favourites but its a long list.Im actually growing them all at the moment.
    Hi.If you mean tips on bird watching,then just enjoy listening to their song,watching them fly.Were ever there are trees,shrubs,then most likely the birdies will be there.

    I love bird song and watching birds dart around.Its sometimes too easy to get caught up in needing to know what every plant,bird is when I see them,rather than just enjoying their beauty.I do that sometimes and I remind myself if I dont recoganize it then dont worry about it.Dont get stressed about it.When I get home I look in a reference book or online though.Heehe.

    Plants are amazing.Do you have any favourites.
    Haha why are you looking for newts? Nah I like the subject in general but Im too lazy to go to grad school right now. The hospital seemed like the easiest option to me. And i mostly want to become self sufficient as my current job doesnt pay enough to move out. Btw has The Witcher 3 interested you?
    Hi.Im a fan of nature too.Escpically birds and plants.Kayaking probably gives you a chance to be out in nature.There are a few small rivers were I live in London.I find watering relaxing to look at.
    Haha oh man! I thought you were where Im from the whole time! Im in North Carolina in the US. I see thats why they call this social phobia world. I actually tried to study abroad there in the UK once but couldnt afford it. How is there weather there? From the movies it looks like its always raining. Umm NAACLS is just a certificate saying I can work in hospitals, testing bio samples like blood and urine.
    Oh no its an undergrad but it would afford me the opportunity to test for the NAACLS so I have a better chance at working in labs. Im trying to stay in the local area so thats whats been kinda making it especially hard. Im just working at a warehouse right now and that crap is miserable. Mostly because my coworkers are freakin bullies.
    I remember playing secret of mana on SNES , these were the days.
    Unlike the witcher 2, the witcher 3 will have a huge map, that's all I know
    True, especially if this is the last Arkham game Rocksteady is doing. Right now I have a undergrad biology degree but Im having a difficult time finding jobs with it in the local area. So Im hoping to get into Clinical Laboratory Science. There seems to be jobs asking for that all over here plus I like working in labs. I did field research once in school and got tore up by mosquitoes and altitude sickness so I prefer staying indoors lol. Didnt you say you had a bio degree too? I wonder why so many of us are into biology and psychology.
    Oh Ive not played anything in a week or so because Ive been trying to get back into school and whatnot. But yeah as for PS4 I can understand that. Im pretty disappointed in how they keep delaying everything. Like I was expecting to have Batman Arkham LAST year. Xbox and wii u are pushing every dang thing back too. I could have waited and not really missed anything.
    there are free emulators (GBC+GBA+DS) that work like a charm on google play if you have an android phone.

    morrowind without the mods is just rubbish , I remember getting it as gift from pc-gamer magazine in 2005. That game was hardcore , quests had no indications on the map.

    for me, oblivion was the best.

    I've only played The witcher 2 , the game was rather short... but the choices you were able to make throughout the game, had a direct impact on every aspect of the scenario... I've never seen such thing in a video game before.
    It's a very mature universe.
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