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  • hey i know i didn't have to but i uploaded some photos to help proov that jumping pic is legit. i kinda dont like it when people think im lying when im not. it happens alot
    Happy happy New Year my friend! :) Wish you all the best from my heart. Don't give up on yourself, this year is our year believe me. :) <Big Kiss>
    Well Luke1993... My name is Curt... and I am THE NRA! Haha! Just a saying for us gun loving people who belong to this organization that protects gun owners rights in Washington. NRA stands for National Rifle Association, and they are a huge lobby where bills are written and become laws... They are the voice of us people, and most people here in the states have guns for hunting or target shooting etc...
    I noticed about you being a Pisces, also. By all means, do post a photo of yourself. You are NOT unattractive!! I missed that whole thread about posting your picture and nobody said anything. I've obsereved an interesting thing: a lot of members have joined in the month of March... Mostly it's the winter months when people probably miss the sunshine. Sorry for being so chatty. But there's no need to feel unattractive.
    Do not allow my manner of speaking to give you false impressions. There are times when I am just as ignorant and just as foolish as any other fellow on this Earth.
    Take heart newcomer. Your burden shall be divided amongst the many of us here. We are more than prepared to welcome you, you need only ask.
    You're most welcome! thanks for accepting :D oh wow, that's nice to here, I didn't think anybody really noticed my posts. lol
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