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    Heads you win, Tails I lose

    The Setup: My (x)partner has recently (in a round about way) admitted to using me for years for my money and other things. We have a kid together and have been on relatively good terms since our split a few years ago. I currently voluntarily pay her a lot of money to ensure our daughter is well...
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    Seek Out Candidates With Asperger's Syndrome

    Just thought this was an interesting article about how some IT companies hire people... Novelist Douglas Coupland wrote in Microserfs: "I think all tech people are slightly autistic." Hyperbole, sure, but perhaps Asperger's syndrome has been called "the engineers' disorder" for a reason. Back...
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    Damn Damn Damn Dependency

    I was doing so well, feeling relatively ok for a while, even a little upbeat. Today I have completely collapsed again. I thought I was over the worst of my seperation from my wife but today I feel desperate and alone. I've known she has started seeing someone new for a while now but it's...
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    Looking back in Anger.

    Mini blogs seem to be the new fashion so I thought I'd give it a go and see what kind of journey it takes me on. Maybe it will help me to keep track of myself and organise my thoughts. Suppose the customary starting point is to say where I am... I was married for a while but am now separated as...
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    Something that effected you in a big way, good or bad

    Something that had a life changing effect on me a few years ago was visiting the Birkenau and Auschwitz camps. Spending the day walking around there, seeing and feeling the the horror that occurred put my life very much in perspective. I never really felt as self-indulgent and sorry for myself...
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    What achievements are you most proud of?

    Firstly would have to be my beautiful little daughter, but can't really take all the credit there, the effort was only half an hour of mine and 9 months of someone else ;) I think the thing I'm most proud of is that although I am completely socially inept and a bit scared of the world I have...
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    Does anyone have trouble with SPW freezing

    Every 10-20mins I try to post or navigate to another page and SPW does nothing, the refresh spinner in the browser just spins and nothing happens... Anyone else have this trouble or is it just me???????????
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    Express a feeling

    We don't get to do it often enough so how about expressing yourself in any self indulgent way u want, I'll be first (and probably the only one) to make a tit of myself: Had a low moment of the the last day or so: Death flew in my window and landed in my mind once more, Angrily I shouted: “why...
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    Is it better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all

    In emmense pain at the moment that I can't shake because my marriage has broken up recently with a women I love with every beat of my heart. Wondering what other people with SAD feel about whether falling in love is worth the pain. Sometimes I wish I had never met her because I don't know how...