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  • Well, I personally think you're good at the guitar. And you'll more than likely become better because when you do something a lot and really put your heart in to it, it will get better.
    Not saying it was bad, because I really liked it.
    Have you tried to sing before -- or is it something you're just not in to?
    Nobody else does?
    If that's you playing the guitar, it's awesome; You do play the guitar, right? I only ask before I look stupid if I'm wrong.
    Hey, probably odd to bring up here, but I wanted to let you know I listened to a couple of your songs the other day on FB ... They were pretty good. :)
    Sorry to hear you got banned. Glad you're back and doing alright :) I've been doing okay.
    yeah man it's going alright :) Just been procrastinating from revision! Playing fifa and generally chilling to music XD How are you doing?

    Yeah they are :p I always play "Hello" before I go to school - It gets me prepared haha
    Hey dude :) Added you because you are of similar age, from England and an Oasis fan!
    That last one being most important of all haha
    yeah i think you're really talented !! I'm more of a singer than a guitar player tho ive only been playing for a year. How bout you? Haha good idea i might upload a cover sometime :D
    Hi, merry xmas!!! Yeap im a huge Oasis fan. I play their songs on the guitar all the time. I heard you play don't look back in anger on youtube, thats one of my favs. You're musics really good:)
    Hey Liam! Guitar rocker! (H)
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