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  • Hi. Thanks for accepting my friend request. Your posts make a lot of sense and are inspirational.
    The merits of cake? I've had cake pouring out my ears here. My mothers been in a baking mood the past three weeks! lol.
    That was a really inspirational post Jewel :)-) ) and I hope that other people will read it and take something positive from it, particularly the ones wishing their life away. I'm so sorry to hear of your condition but I'm glad that you have the approach that you do. Even when life is tough, it's gift should still be appreciated every single moment we can. x
    Hey *wavie*
    Thanks for the friend request. How've you been?

    Marcus :)
    phoaaarrrrrrr J, lol you gotta help me out there's this bloke who has stolen all my profile pics from some random site and now she's using them on the forums and posing as me... sometimes sexually............... :/
    haha, sing it like you mean it!, i'm so knuffing proud of you right now.
    I totally understand the knuffle in yer brainz
    Hahahaha, classic!

    Sandi: "So uhhh, Quinn's weird cousin... I heard you're good with advice"
    Daria: "Yeah, for $10"
    Sandi: "...Ok. So uhhh, my cat chewed through my make-up bag, and died. So uhh, how do I stop feeling sad?"
    Daria: "Find some other way to feel, then you won't feel sad."

    Hahaha always nice to meet another fan! x
    She finished :'( Sometime around 2002 :-( All the episodes and films have been put on DVD though. Its out in the U.S already, but I'm just waiting for it to come to UK... but for now there's a lot on YouTube :-D x
    Hello I added you because I just remember you joined the same time as me and have agoraphobia as well. Sometimes I feel there's no point being here except for upping a useless post count, I'm really losing it. If your not doing anything I hope you can keep my book alive, even when I've stopped writing.
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