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  • I think listening's good, I've found very few people who actually want to listen and oh I don't mind anyone lecturing me, its kind of interesting to hear other's opinions or how they perceive the world.
    Haha not at all actually, I think you got me right there. I guess I am the type of person who tries to appeal to everything and everyone or atleast I try to. And the fear of criticism's quite typical for me too.
    I see you know a lot about people?
    I like metal to an extent. That is unless it gives me a headache.
    I'm basically a person with no specific music interest. I like everything somewhat but again it depends if that makes sense haha.
    Where the **** are you dawg?
    Oh btw,you froze reaaaally awkwardly on call. I won't embarrass you with a description. But you should sort out your poses. How do you think I look so pretty when the video call freezes? :) Hahaha. I was literally talking to you for 3 minutes after you froze, just going on about bull****, thinking you were taking this in. Pffft, some friend.
    Fine. Be like that. Want me to edit the comment and change it to something completely different? I was trying to be nice!
    Savour this moment, I won't say it very often, but.... you are a really nice person. I think everyone should know, cause you give the impression you're cold and unfeeling. But for real, you're a good person.
    Dude what is your avatar? It creeps me the hell out o_O
    Aww :) too pretty to think? You're actually being nice to me for once. But still,**** you, I can think for myself. Like I said, I'm more than just tits and ass. The guys I talk to still don't believe me :( Haha, idk, we're talking on msn aren't we? Just be quiet. Moose.
    What am I meant to say? 18 months of talking to you dawg, I'm kind of at a loss here. Why don't YOU think of something to say, and post it in my ask. I'll be waiting :)
    if it were a silly question, then it would have a silly answer, and silly answers come from silly people and only a silly person would type this long only to answer your question with a "no"
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