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    pls petition against yulin dog meat festival june 2016

    sorry this is off topic but its important. The Yulin dog meat festival is just a couple months away. please sign this petition to stop it. I really hope this year will be the year it will be cancelled. :crying: The first petition has only 130k signatures but its a petition by an animal...
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    camera phone rant

    Today I'm walking home from class and there's this guy walking toward me, a tourist probably and he has his arm outstretched and he's holding a phone. He's recording the scene. We're on a bridge over a river, I'm just trying to cross it and get home and I can't really go anywhere except walk...
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    Post what you cannot say

    Im pissed with you for saying I feed it.....Would you go out in this state? Would you put yourself through that? Would anyone? I am so frustrated, I do not want to be in here. I want to be out there.
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    Post what you cannot say

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    deleting facebook

    I think Im going to delete my facebook account, like properly delete it this time not just deactivate it. With it I 'could' in theory stay in touch with people... of course I don't...but technically I could. I've been thinking about it a lot. Why is it so hard to do...I hate facebook it...
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    Post a picture of your favorite birds 'boobies' here These are my favorite boobies
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    Party in the chatbox

    SPONTANEOUS PARTY IN THE CHATBOX ...Its been a while since we did this....Everyone come hang out in the chatbox :)
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    tall women

    Im a tall woman. Yesterday I went out shopping on my own and I wore heels - a lovely pair of shoes much loved never worn until yd and an eyeopening experience it was. I liked how I felt more sophisticated and I walked taller and felt like a proper grown up . In my 30th year and I've never done...
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    Happy things

    The Big cup of Tim Horton's and the blueberry muffin on my desk :):):) What's something you can be happy about at the mo?
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    eldest/middle child/youngest/only child

    Another thread started me thinking about this I think its interesting. So where do you fall in your family?
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    The surprising science of happiness

    I actually posted this in an another thread as a response to something but actually I think it deserves it's own thread. Well worth the watch. :popcorn: