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  • Oh wow. Your studies sound interesting! :) I took a college History class last year and I loved it. I love learning about History anyway, even though I'm not the biggest on politics :p This fall when I go to college I'll be studying Nutrition and Dietetics. In my freshman year alone I'll be taking Chemistry, Biology, and Anatomy, as well as a basic Nutrition course. A lot of science for one year, but I love Chemistry. :)
    Well I'm in my last year of high school (Yay! :D), but I'm taking a college English course. I take Economics and Government, but I really don't learn much in it. Mostly because the teacher I do have hardly teaches anything. I also take a Culinary class which has a business math portion to it. That's about it for my senior year. I have a pretty free schedule, although college English alone can overwhelm me with homework.
    Oh man, school was such a drag for me today too. Almost fell asleep in English. :p And I've been doing pretty good. :)
    Haha, i'm sure you have plenty of time left to do some travelling yet! Languages are a nice combination but i'm not sure of the practical outlets after graduating- people always say you can do so much, but apart from the obvious ones like translation/interpreting there isn't really that much- so i'm either hoping to go into that, or language teaching overseas if i'm feeling particularly confident ! If things go to plan anyway haha
    Ah, nice combination! You could go into so much with those subjects. I used to interested in the sciences, but settled for languages in the end. Arabic and Spanish. Random, i know, but i'm happy with it. There's so much travelling involved and it's constantly challenging me in ways i could have never imagined. I wouldn't recommend it though, the studies itself can be incredibly tedious :p
    Hi, thanks for the friend request :) have i understood right from your posts that you're studying history at uni?
    No, no, you're don't give that impression at all, it's just your name. The Trial is a book and the protagonist Joseph K is "the man in the black suit". I like Joseph K though, because he's awesome (wow, that's a great argumentation). But Joseph G is awesome too, because you can't be not-awesome if you like The Smiths. :D
    I imagine you as a man in his 30s, in a black suit with a black hat, because in Kafka's The Trial, there's a man like that named Joseph K. I know that you're younger and probably don't wear a suit and a hat, but I just can't get that picture out of my head. ::p:
    Nope, I haven't seen it but then again I generally avoid scary films :p Cool, I do Art and Design at the moment. I have a feeling I asked you this before but my memory is the worst these days xD
    Ahh the rubik's cube :D I think I know who Alfred Hitchcock is but I don't think I've watched any of his films lol and what do you study? :)
    Hey, sorry for the late reply. Been very busy lately with coursework and stuff... but I'm ok thanks :) I got a new computer, books and some other stuff xD. How about you?
    Same really fifa :D and chillin to music, and playing guitar.

    I'm doing fine thanks :)
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year :)
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