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  • No if it's that dangerous i wouldn't want to take that risk. Could you PM me instead if you would like to chat, thanks
    Hi Hardy, how am I, frustrated. I just can´t figure out what to do. And how are you, do you have rains now in India? There has been raining a lot and our country got flooded, but luckily we don´t live in a flood area. The town downhill always gets it though.
    Thank you, I will if I manage to get to India again. You teach me meditation ;).
    Hi Hardy, yes I was in India 3 months in 2007. It was february, march and april. It was getting increasingly hot, especially in the south. I hope I will be able to come again sometimes...
    Hi Hardy, yes I was banned, for a week. Meditation is definitely a good thing, keep it on. I should do it myself, but I have always so much other problems in my head that I´d find it hard to concentrate. I am not doing any better than before.. hope you do and find peace of mind and happiness.
    hey, i'm doing great, thanks - very busy with work

    sounds like things are going well for you!
    Well, I've had the flu but am almost over it! Haven't seen you here in a while. How's things with you?
    Hey Hardy! Sending wishes for a very Happy New Year to you as well! :)

    And a little something you can probably appreciate:
    The Top 10 Tiny Buddha Insights from 2012 | Tiny Buddha
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