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  • Hi.I sweat quite alot also and I believe its due to me getting worked up.I take deodrant and a wash cloth were ever I go.Your the first with anxiety I have spoken to who has been brave enough to mention the sweat issue.Its a problem I belief anxious people particulaly suffer from but are too embarrassed to mention it.I use to really worry about it,which made it worse.I worry less about it now but its an issue.
    Sorry to hear about your Uncle.Were the two of you close or not.Even though in some ways I feel more comfortable with my family ( mum and brother) than any one else,I still do feel at times uncomfortable around them as I am around people in general.For me I set a time limit of two hours for all social situations then I say goodbye.Social interractions have gotten alot easier for me due to the counceling I had for my anxiety,but its still tricky at times.Do you worry about your weight and apperance or not.My favourite seasons are spring and summer due to all the shrubs,flowers,trees being at their best.Also I really like having more daylight and sunshine.What do you like best about winter.
    Hi.Its a relief in someways that xmas day is over.For me it is quite stressful at times.Overal it was not too bad though.I helped my mum by cooking some of the food.I like cooking and it helped to make the day more fun.Do you find xmas and family occassions stressful or do you feel comfortable during them.
    Hi.Good to here things are better for you now,despite the tough start.I found going from the college enviroment to the Uni environent quite hard going also.At college there was often more support available from teachers,plus smaller classes,smaller buildings.At University there were huge classes,huge buildings,etc.The student teacher relationship was so different.It was like going from a town to a city.Merry christmas.
    I really like learning new things about subjects like gardening,history,etc. What does your course involve and how do you find dealing with being at University?
    Im a huge fan of comedy shows like the Big Bang theory,Two and a half men,I have news for you,The Simpsons,etc.Society does seem to be obessed with apperance and beauty.Some people have a very narrow view of what they consider to be attractive.I think personality and intellegence is just as important.Judging by appearance is easily done though.I try not to do it but Im guilty too.
    Hi! I read your comment about the blond woman making fun of you because you had a crumb on your lip. I think, for some reason, she was intimidated by you. She obviously suffers from self esteem issues.
    The web comic in your link looked well drawn.In comics like Marvel,DC,etc,the men look like bodybuilders and the women are dressed like strippers with out of proportion bodies and mainly blonde hair.These comics do seem to be aimed at boys.Alot of films,tv shows are also filled with people that are either too skinny,blonde or the shows lack diversity in race,age groups
    ,etc.Regulary looking people seemed to be banded from tv,It gets anoyying some times.
    Hi.Whats a web comic? It sounds interesting.In my teens I was a huge fan of mainly Marvel but also some DC comics.Fantasic four,The Avengers etc.I still read graphic novels on and of now.Particularly the more story based less violent ones when I can find them.The fantasy world is very appealing at times.
    Its easier to make conversation when I know more about the persons interests.Im a keen reader myself.My favourite kind of book is one that keeps guessing from start to finish and makes me laugh.Do you like the fantasy genre or do you like another genre.I use to read alot of sci fi and fantasy a few years ago.Now I only accassionally read sci fi.Fantasy books still appeal to me particularly the ones by authors like Terry Pratchett.
    Hi.Did any of the floods and related problems affect your area.There was quite alot about the storms on the news overhear.
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