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  • I can be very pessimistic sometimes, especially when it comes to myself as well. But hey, having a new friend makes me more optimistic YAY :D
    Hahaha you're very pessimistic, aren't you? XD
    I'm sure we'd be good friends, laughing at silly gifs all day wearing cat ears and dancing like idiots :D
    Pffft you won't scare me, I tell you that, I've seen a lot of things in my life, I'm sure I will be able to look at my friend in the eyes :)
    I'm pretty sure your face won't scare me, and I bet my weirdness is more impressive than yours ;)
    Yeaaahh I remember your claws! You are simply awesome XD

    And don't worry, you won't scare me away, I'm your friend :)
    You think you could scare me, huh? I'd like to see that :D
    Just for the record, cat ears are not scary ::p:
    I don't smoke, so I think we could actually be like this

    PS: I find it impossible to not do it with them... please tell me I'm not alone XD
    loool I found that one too, but didn't want to post too many XD

    PS: I just got so distracted watching silly gifs while searching for another dancing one XD
    Hehe yea so true, either America or China, that's where everything is made :p hehe at my old job my boss use to buy a big bag of Doritos and dip and share them with everyone, i liked those days :D they are so amazing, maybe i should start my own ice cream sandwich company :p yea i really don't understand those people either :O if i buy something that's a bit more expensive than what i'd usually pay, i love wearing it lots cos it feels like i'm getting value for money XD
    And you should not dare to make a dance comptetition against me, I learned from the master
    And it's precisely now when you have to start. Believe me, I know you can do it. I know you can :)
    Well, I don't know about others, but I can tell you I won't give you any negative judgement ;)
    And I will support you in anything you want to try to get better :)
    Exposure therapy, just expose yourself to those things that scare you.
    At first I couldn't post pics of myself either. I once posted one and deleted it after 30 seconds. Then another day I did it again for 10 minutes, I think. I started posting more, I posted voice recordings, now I can speak in skype for hours and I don't mind. I feel much more confident now. You should try it :)
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