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  • Hey Rebyoo, good to hear from you! I've been keeping busy with college lately and trying my best to perfect my culinary skills. It's still a bit stressful at the moment, but at least I'm managing to stay focused. I'm also in the process of looking for work in the catering industry, although a lot of the jobs that are out there require you to have previous experience, or a more advanced qualification than the one I am close to achieving right now. I guess I need to lower my sights more and try to get a job at one of those roadside restaurants instead. But saying that, even though I've only been on my course for about two months, and I'm still mastering the fine art of pealing vegetables, I'm probably too skilled to work at one of those little chef restaurants. Anyway, hows everything with you?
    Hi.I can not believe its almost xmas again.Time flies and before we know it,the new year will be here.
    I’m ok, thank you Rebyoo. I’ve got a week off before going back college, so I’m just chilling out until then. Is your job as a pharmacy technician keeping you busy? As for my favourite thing to cook, that has got to be anything that involves chocolate. I just think chocolate makes everything taste better. In fact, if you coated haggis in chocolate, I would probably eat that too. As you can tell, I've got a chocolate addiction thing going on. But apart from that, I enjoy making stew dishes. I like how adding different seasonings to a stew help to transform the different flavourings and tastes of the food, and all of the aromas that come from it. Do you enjoy cooking yourself?
    You are right Rebyoo, it's much better to come off as an arrogant chef instead :) Looks are overrated anyway. I always think that personality is far more important than superficial looks. And yet, one of my favourite shows happens to be America's Next Top Model. But the more I think about it, I think it's because I enjoy seeing how stylish those models look in their designer clothes. Although that doesn't explain why I also drool when I watch that show. But I suppose that could be the medication I'm taking for my anxiety. You see, there's an explanation for everything :) Sorry Rebyoo, I'm rambling now. Just wanted to drop by and say Hi.
    Congratulations on finishing your course! So what inspired you to become a pharmacy technician? I myself was torn between two career paths to choose from, but my love of cooking seemed more meaningful to me than a career as a male model. Although for some reason I have never been approached by a talent scout. I can only imagine this is because I have never bumped into one. :)
    Well I'm busy with college at the moment, Rebyoo. What with studying to become a world renowned chef and all. Although I am still mastering the fine art of pealing vegetables, but once I've mastered that skill, I should be moving on to bigger and better things. And who knows, if I'm lucky, I might even get a job at McDonald's. How are you doing?
    Hi.When you travel do you go with family,friends or by yourself.Comicom is quite popular amongst the comic book and sci fi community.What did you see and do there and was it in Scotland.Apparently lots of people wear constumes.Some of the sci fi fans can get too caught up in their favourite shows and it verges on obession.Memorising episodes etc.There are quite a few big Doctor who fans out there.Im guessing they have strong views on there being a new doctor.Which shows do you reckon have the most loyal fans.
    I would like to go back to see rural France.Im not really interested in shopping in other countries.But visiting museums,parks,animal reserves,nice buildings does interest me.

    In most cities there are homeless people and seeing them does me uncomfortable at times.Some people look down on them but I dont since they are human beings down on there luck.The agressive ones need to be watched though.Some of them are there due to no fault of their own.Luckily in cities like London there are charities to privide help.

    Ponyo had a really colourful bright look to it that appeals to me.The youthful inocence of the children was very touching.Another good animated film I saw recently was Kikis delivery service and I really enjoyed it.Have you seen any animated films or non animated films lately.
    Hehe yea it certainly can, it does sound like a fun weekend though :)

    I went to Canada a few times. Niagara Falls was lovely. There was lots to see and do :) Vancouver wasn't so nice though, there was a lot of homelessness.

    I actually have it recorded on my planner! I'm hoping to watch it in the next couple of weeks. You enjoyed it then? Xx
    Hi.I went on a school trip to France for the weekend years ago.I think it rained alot of the time whilst we were there but I remember being excited about being in another country and spending nights away from home for the first time.Memory can play tricks on you when it comes to remembering things from the past.But I think my brother was on the same trip and I remember playing football on the beach.Does your memory play tricks on you sometimes.

    Canada due to its natural beauty is one country that looks appealing.What were some of your highlights of the trip to Canada.

    I recently saw an odd but interesting animated film on tv called Ponyo about a goldfish that wants to be a human child.Have you seen it.
    Hi.I will have to be more aware of the fact that sunlight passes through light clothing when dressing.Thanks.Its amazing how some people just go outside with alot of skin exposed to the bright sun.Even when they are turning pink they dont seem worried.Its like some people go sun crazy and they need to get as much of it as possible before it goes.Does Scotland get much sun during the year.Listening to the weather forcasts it seems to be cold and rainy alot in your neck of the woods

    You do seem to go on alot of trips.I would like to see more of the UK and go on more day trips. Last year I went to Great Yarmouth which was my second or third short holiday as an adult.I still have only been outside the UK once.Travelling overseas is something I want to do in the future.Maybe a few days in Netherlands or France to start.Have you been overseas on holiday and what have been some of the highlights of your latest trip.
    I dont think I have ever worn sunscreen but Im not someone that sits outside in the intense sunlight for long periods of time.When I go out I always wear a hat and long sleeves.Its easy to underestimate the danger of sunlight.

    How have you been spending your holidays.The idea of being allowed to take paid holidays from work, still amazes me in a way.Its good for the workers but the employers must be less keen.I get a chose between taking holiday time or getting the monetary value of my holiday added to my monthly pay instead of taking time of.
    Hi.Have many people have come into the chemist with sunburn.When I go out in the sun I always wear a hat and I dont expose my skin really to the sun.Too much sun I think is harmful to the skin.Being out in the sun for a while does make me feel good if its not too strong and there is a breeze.Do you do much sunbathing.
    I wander what drives a fashion trend.Is it certain magazines,tv programmes,celebrities such as actors,singers.A few years back I remember that different women wanted to have hair styles like Jennifer Aniston.Which people,things,do you think can really influence how people look and what they wear.

    I use to find it very hard to really open up to people even family members and really speak about personal things that I found potentially upsetting.In some ways Im less guarded and more willing to discuss more personal things.There are still some things that are hard for me to open up about.Are you able to discuss very personal things with family etc.
    Traffic light red would make a good brand name I think.So are these dye green Trousers you like,flares? That sounds quite retro.Its interesting how certain fashions in clothes and looks were popular in certain decades.Its interesting how certain looks come back into fashion.For example the black afro seems to have come back into fashion for some people.I think it looks odd but other people like it and thats fair enough.What clothing or look do you think is linked to this decade.

    Yes I think its nice to be able to discuss a number of topics rather than just social anxiety.Some anxiety suffers are like that but others like to discuss their anxiety regularly. It can also be helpful to have people who you can discuss anxiety with if that person is having a bad time or they just need to discuss it.Im presuming this person is Scottish.Is the person a he or she and how did you originally meet each other.
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