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  • I do puzzles (I used to do way more, but I still do) and I can actually black out with my name or age as well -_-
    Who were you again? o_O
    YOURS? I can tell you, I would forget even where I live, my memory is pretty ****ty XD
    Not stupid, just not as nerd as me :D
    It's a program you use to "pretend" to be using another system into yours. That is, you can play NDS (or any other console) in your computer ::p:
    Bad thing about the NDS emulator I'm using (called Desmume, if you want to try it :p) is that you can't trade Pokemon even between two games in your own computer. In GBA games I had another emulator and it was easy to trade so I could get Pokemon like Alakazam or Steelix.

    I feel like a supernerd now :3
    Aha nice :D was it clothes or other nice things? I bought more clothes today *bad* i'm going to have to stop before i'm broke! Aaah okays, she just sounds like a cow then, but i guess if she's like that with everyone it's not quite so bad in a way. Hehe :D today i read 3 manga books, my eyes feel weird! I put one of my jumpers in a charity bag today... we'll see how long it stays there!
    Yay Pokemon friends foreva :D
    Don't forget Mew! It's 151, not 150. I managed to catch Mew without cheats in Pokemon Yellow, there was a glitch where you could catch it in the 3rd town, so very early in the game, powerful and cute ::p:
    Yea it's amazing the bargains you can find! It's always good when it's something you're looking for as well. Unfortunately i end up buying a lot of things i don't need just cos they're cheap :p aw, well i'll bet there's some jealously from your female boss, that sort of thing happens a lot in the workplace. Hehe yey :D there will be lots of breaks too, and free manga :p yea sometimes i get really poractive and think right, i need to throw a lot of this out! And then i'll maybe part with one or two things but not enough to make a real difference hehe :p
    Ok, we will scare random people in the streets with our creepy customes and weird dances :D
    I just watched a couple of videos on youtube... I'm glad my parents didn't came in or they'd think I'm retarted >.>

    They are freaking scary! What the hell are those things? It's like... I don't even know o_O
    But I call the blue one :3
    I have always an eye on you mwahahaha

    lmfao I had to google what the hell was that, but I'm sure we would do awesome with those things XD
    You know it because you did it too, am I right? >.>
    We should dance wearing weird costumes!
    Hehe yea, i love getting stuff from china off ebay, they always have the most interesting things! I've been *quite* lucky with bosses, i've had some horrors too though D: the one i have now is good :) aha sounds like a plan :D and it's company policy that everyone gets to cosplay as their uniform XD hehe that sounds so familiar :p i'm so bad at throwing clothes out, i always think i'll be able to do something with them, and then they sit in my wardrobe for years :p ah that's an excellent plan :D i need to get me one of those friends XD
    I wonder what were the thoughts of that guy and how did they end with "I'm going to dance Lady Gaga with a teletubbie costume" o_O
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