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  • The artist's name is Shunya Yama****a ~ but beware if you're going to image search because most of his art is kinda....naked-ish. haha
    He does character design for videogames and a number of other things. XD
    Yeah Near did look like L in a way, imo he was just trying too hard and that really got to me, lol. And the whole playing with toys and seeming distracted, but instead thinking deeply about the whole case at the same time annoyed me. Reminded me of how L always sat awkwardly and ate random foods seeming like he wasn't interested, whereas he was infact in very deep thought

    Ahhhh Deathnote, good times...good times..
    Hey HeadFace :) Thank you
    Yeah it was such a shame what happened to L, it made me really upset haha, such an awesome charactar! Yeah can relate to the almost crying part too =P
    I wnated Kira to win too cus of my 'hatred' for Near! He was just so...oh im the best im this im so clever-attitude.. Well thats how it came across for me anyways, and I didn't like it :X KIRA FTW (post-L-era xD) Haha, yesss Mikami was a psycho, was a really cool charactar though.....Sighh, might watch it again haha
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