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  • You don't really have to be all that knowledgeable on books to work there. You just have to memorize certain sections and aisles to know where the books and other reading material go once they're returned and have decent computer skills to input data and stuff like that.

    Hmm well I know the Bj's nearby has some openings for busboys right now. If you lived around here you could easily get the job.
    Ohhhh I remember that now. Yeah he wasnt expecting him to do anything other than that decomposition thing he always did. Hmm I need to find out where I can watch the old one. I used to have it all on my hard drive but I deleted it because I needed the space >.<
    Really? Like it'd be like watching a different show? Yeah I finished it, I cant remember that fight for some reason >.< I might have to go back
    Yepp, it's a pretty easy job and it's not too hard on my anxiety. Ahhh Cheesecake Factory is sooo good! I'd love to work there just to be able to take a slice of cheesecake home with me everyday :D
    I've seen the newer one Brotherhood. Thats actually one of my favorites :D That show was choc full of insanity and King Bradly was a nightmare lol
    The last episode I saw all the students went to some island, in the past I think, to get some artifact called Brew. But they screwed up and didnt get it.
    I felt so bad for Crona lol. I just started watching it actually on Netflix. I guess I go to the manga once I run out of episodes. I love it though, that show cracks me up xD
    I did finish it, but i wasn't as interested as I was when L was the good guy. And holy crap full metal alchemist is amazing. i'm at episode 31 of the first series and loving it
    Sort of. Much worse than that actually... basically someone here wasn't who they appeared to be. On the outside he was a charming little thing who carried on like the "saint" of the site while in reality he was a sadistic little snake who exploited girls on this site and played on their insecurities for his own thrills. I can message you the entire story if you really want to know, but I'm warning you right now: it has its WTF moments that might stick in your mind like a disgusting slime for a while...
    Haha that too :D
    I really appreciate your concern but everything's fine now since that person got banned (thankfully). I'd tell you the story but it's a really long and disturbing one that you could probably do without hearing.

    Sounds good, and it seems like it. The thing I love about college is that you don't have the same classes everyday. The fact that people are more mature and less judgmental than in high school is really reassuring too. I'm actually looking forward to starting it now :)
    No worries, I haven't been on here as much lately either after getting myself into a bit of a pickle with someone. Thankfully that's over with, and no I haven't started yet, but I might soon. I already e-mailed my transcript to UoPX last week so I'm just waiting for their response now.

    So how is college treating you so far? What's your schedule?
    Im watching the first series. I havent watch any episodes recently too busy replaying final fantasy 7 for the billion time
    Haha probably a good thing that you passed on that one. Doesn't sound like a worthwhile class, and that's cool~ I'm hoping that I can get into University of Phoenix. I heard they have a really good program for creative writing that would be ideal for me.
    Psychology and drawing sound really cool. I took Psychology twice in high school and found it really interesting. Can't say the same for art though since I can't draw for the life of me :p. "drawings heads and hands"? Wow, such a creative name for a class, haha. Well, sounds like you have a pretty good plan for college so far so that's good :]
    Yepp. Oh really? I'm pretty close to Fullerton. I live only about 10 or 15 miles away from it, and wow that sucks.. We have overpopulation and the crappy economy to thank for that, especially here in my town. It's almost impossible to find a college that doesn't have their classes full by now.
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