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  • They will :)
    Sounds good. Well, I applied to CS Fullerton a few months ago but they had me on a wait list for all the classes I wanted because they were all packed. They suggested I pick a different major and minor but I refuse to pursue anything else besides creative writing and photography so that's out of the question. I'm gonna do some classes online instead and see how that goes, at least until I get my license.
    Yeah. Haha I'm quite the opposite. I've actually been gaming a lot less than I used to. Just haven't been in that gamer mood lately I guess, and I know how you feel. I'm starting college soon too and feel like this summer was a total bummer (Oh look I made a rhyme~ :D) so far. Spent most of it at home being bored and depressed over the dumbest things. On a lighter note, I got to meet some cool new people including you, started learning how to drive, and became slightly more social and optimistic so it wasn't a complete waste. Either way I have a feeling that things will start to get better soon so let's not give up! :)

    What college are you going to btw? =)
    Code Geass Season 3 - Code Geass R3 that's the comfirmation, i'll check Baccano also. I'm currently watching full metal alchemist and it's really good too
    Yea it was really epic, did you watch both seasons? They are also making a third season without lelouch and it's happening in europe
    Nevermind it was just a small favor ::p:
    Anyway, do you want to? Only if you feel like it though. I don't mean to pressure you or anything.
    Argh I was gonna ask if you wanted to chat but now my mom's bugging me for something...
    How long are you planning on staying on?
    Hey you're on! Wanna chat? I don't see your name on the chat log thingy though, plus I've never used it on this site so I'm not too sure about how to initiate one.
    You don't pester me at all. Hell, pester me all you want, haha ::p:
    I've been wanting to for a while but lately I haven't seen you on here at the same time I've been on, and same for FB. Should also mention that I'm not on late as often anymore like you because lately I've been trying to sleep earlier, otherwise I get cranky the next day and you don't wanna see me like that D: lol
    You don't seem clingy at all. I honestly appreciate the fact that someone is actually interested in talking with me this much :)
    Haha sorry about that. I've had some really awkward and bad experiences in chat rooms before so I try to avoid it as much as possible, but I'll gladly chat with you whenever you want =)
    Hehe :D
    Thanks for your reply on my thread earlier by the way. I really appreciate your words, and I'd be more than happy to have you as a friend~ Do you have a facebook? =)
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