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  • Well, you're not any of that HERE??! :) And as far as I know it's the other way around - when you change your perception of yourself, things change - that's kinda what happened to me too, in the past.. :) I started liking myself 1st and then people saw me differently too.. (was quite surprised sometimes.. :))

    The tatoo pic is lovely. I'm not a tatoo girl though.. Too much pain and possibly iffy ink involved.. I've been allergic to chemicals as a young kid already, so.. And Dr House said some ink can be problematic in some MRI scans or such? (not sure if that's true, might wanna research..) I like the symbolics of keys too, do you know of the ankh? I'd prefer it as jewelry though.. I like it from the Death comic by Neil Gaiman..
    Had a bad day, but it's better now!! :) Oh, and you're totally NOT 'Forgettable. Worthless. Rejected.' - Change that signature ASAP!! :) You're one of the most INTERESTING people here and I'm glad you came to this forum!!
    I agree so much! She was so quirky and cute.

    My username didn't come from anything in particular, just lunar (pertaining to the moon and all) and then "la" on the end for good measure, ha.
    Hi & Welcome to SPW! :) I like your view of things & love your nickname too!! :)

    Oh, and HAPPY healthy fabulous New Year too, of course!!
    nice chatting with you. Hope your final exam goes ok or has gone ok.

    --- Hmm, forgive me if I have incorrect person. But I distinctly recall the name.
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