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  • Yeah, 5 five years is a long time. I went there last year. Every time I go there, it brings back all the memory from my childhood. Its Nostalgic.
    oh, thats cool. I go visit there from time to time, since I do have family there. How about u, do u have any family back in Ukraine?
    Hello exquisite, thankyou for wanting to have me as your friend. I see you like Jane Austen, me too. She lived a very sheltered life. I find it amazing that she could write in great detail and insight about things in a persons life that she had no experience of whatsoever. Which would indicate that she had an amazingly high level of intelligance.
    Ukraine, thats really cool. I was born in India, but I grew up in the States. So, I consider states as my home country (less people), lol.
    Well most people seem to go to parties and stuff, but what can i do when i have no friends to invite me? It's bullshit anyway.
    I would have my hair longer but it's so uncomfortable, especially as i have really thick hair and i can't be bothered to spend ages washing it when it's thick.
    Alcohol is not a good way of coping although it does feel so at the time, as soon as it wears off BOOM! The anxiety comes back worse than before!

    I can't remember if it is the Titanic but it does look a lot like it in that picture.
    No. I'm from the UK, but i've been to Poland a few times. If you look at my newest picture i look different, o'r maybe i'm being paranoid.
    Thanks for the comment on my pic. I think i've got uglier since then. I like your pics too. I've never been to Ukraine but i've been close to the border in Poland.
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