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  • Humour has it's time and place since sometimes it's not appropriate.But I do like being around people with a similar sense of humour to myself.

    I think the comedy shows,movies,books I have read have helped shaped my humour and what I find funny.How about you.I have watched a lot of comedy shows over the years.Both American and British shows like Cheers,Two and Half men,Only fools and horses,Open all hours etc.

    Have things you have seen and heard like that helped shape your sense of homour?
    Hi.I like to cook regularly for myself and I usually do it all myself from scratch.I find having a good sense of humour can help get a person through a lot of tricky situations.I can be quite intense at times but I try to see the funny side of life.Do you try to use humour in every day life or not?
    ☺I think this icon is suitable since your pizza joke made me smile.Im actually making a pizza from scratch for my dinner.

    Feel free to send me more cheesy puns.

    Apparently a large hole opened up in the middle of town.The police are looking into it.
    Hi.It says on your profile to like terrible puns.Any of them you would like to share since I like a joke.
    Hi, I couldn't help but notice you're into anime, manga and video games which I like too ^^ what is your favourite anime?
    That's how my "friends" are normally. Then again, I'm not close to them so I guess it makes sense. She's okay, a little flaky maybe.
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