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  • David: Hows things with you? Hope you had a good Christmas and your New Year is going well! Don't tend to log on here that much as there ain't that much activity :-(
    Yes, I am from Spain. I lived in England, then I moved to Ireland a few years ago. I really felt in love with Kerry, but I decided to move to Derry, since I knew the area for being on holidays here and I though it was easier to get a job than living in the middle of nowhere. Although I am still tempted to move to the countryside someday. I have been in Galway time ago. I really enjoying the seafront and the traditional pubs.
    Hey David :) Same as myself then, ugh it's annoying isnt it! I hope you're doing well :)
    Hey dude:) thanks for adding me! Hopefully we can try and arrange dat meet up:) just waiting for more replies to the post! Plus if u know any other Galwegians on here ask them if there interested;) Thanx a mil:)
    You didn't? :eek: Ah now you better post your voice so the people can hear a real Irish Galway accent. I don't really have a very strong Irish accent or any accent, moved around too much to really pick up a proper Dublin accent. My mam said it was a mid-atlantic accent ::p: whatever that means...I kind of picture myself all alone in a tiny boat out in the middle of the sea when I hear 'mid atlantic' haha no idea what it actually means! Having a deep voice is not an excuse 'to not' post, having a deep voice is a reason 'to' post. Girls love deep voices. Go on go on go on Go on Ted. Go on.
    Thanks for the friend request. It really is good to see a few more Irish online who understand what it's like to have SA!
    Hi David. Hope you are keeping well. I live in Galway myself. Maybe a few of us Galway residents will meet up sometime.
    Im good. Could do with a job and moving out of my parents house, but its not happening right now. How are you getting on?
    Hi, Yes its me, I saw you and remembered you but couldnt find you on FB. Small world. How are you?
    i have a PS3, pity we cant play online! i play first person shooters like call of duty, etc. i might buy mass effect 2 its just out on ps3
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