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  • Haha! I just put in SAUK into google since you mentioned it, and the first website that came up was sexaholics anonymous UK! If only that was our only problem, lol
    Ha, I don't live that far from you, I live in Bushypark which is about a five minute drive away! Though I guess wherever you are in Galway you're about five minutes from everyone else :rolleyes: How are you finding living in the city? I'll definitely go to that group thing in the college next year if it's still running! I'll be in final year next week, eek. I'm really nervous because it'll probably involve lots of presentations and maybe group projects ::(: I had to give a presentation this year but because my lecturers know about my anxiety I was allowed to just give it to the lecturers and not to the whole class, which was cool. Are you registered with the disability office or anything? I get to do my exams in the small classrooms which is GREAT, I was always freaking out for weeks before my exams before when I was doing them in the big halls.
    Hope you have a good weekend too, thanks! Do you go home for the weekend?
    I guess it's because sauk is a much bigger community and there's a lot of really cool people on there, i feel a bit inferior to them and stuff, i just lurk and read, hopefully one day i'll get the courage to make my first post lol
    ha, i did the same thing as you did earlier, replied to you on my own profile :rolleyes:
    Hey, I read about that group on one of the student union emails that were sent around, I was going to go to it and I e-mailed the organiser about it and everything, I just never went! I should have gone, maybe I'll do it next year, it'd be cool to meet up!
    Ick, exams are annoying me aswell, though I've actually been studying this semester for the first time, so maybe I won't be as stressed out as other exams, who knows. So are you living in town or in Corrib village or somewhere? I'm at home at the minute cos it's close enough to college, hoping to move out in September though, fun!
    Talk to you soon :)
    ok i used to get panic attacks alot before yea i have a social phobia big time mainly cos i was bullied alot in school, cool you are doing pharmacology and anatomy! yea my first year is going fine just have alot to do before exams. I joined a group here at the college for shy ppl. I think its the first year it has been done.

    wow its really cool to find a galway person i wasn't expecting to i feel less isolated. I am on a different forum to SAUK its for UK but i ciuldnt find an irish one
    That is so weird! I'm doing undenominated and i'm in third year...doing pharmacology and anatomy, i love it! How random that i would meet another NUI student on here, ha!

    Astrophysics sounds so cool! How did your first year go? So you have social phobia then? I have panic and agoraphobia, and because of that I have social phobia now too. Fun times!
    Ah I'm so confused, I just PMed you back...it's easier to just write on here...I do science in NUI! And you?
    Weird. You're from Galway, and your interests include science, and your occupation is university? Are you ME?! ::p:
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