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  • That's good to hear, how did you manage to calm down?
    I've been doing better as far as anxiety goes and my moods, actually. Credit goes to the Power of Now and possibly my therapist, lol. I'm getting more tasks done and am not as paralyzed with dread. Yay
    Alright, just asking so I know if I have some time to do my homework. :p
    please don't take my posts the wrong way. you sound like a very caring person with a big heart. that's very admirable. i really admire that in you. just take care of yourself first!
    So far laughter been the best for me it help me over come things when I am nervous. I saw that flashlight by MadTV. I love it what where those guys doing with those flashlights ?
    I am still searching for a better life want to find that ultimate cure for SA . I been studying stuff about food that will help you breathe better and help with depression I thank I might come up with a SA diet I don`t know though I am still studying. what I find so far to help with my depression so far is almondJoy candy bar something about the coconut and the chocolate post to help . Do you like almondjoy candy bars ? I always see funny things on youtube to do you have a favorite funny youtube video ?
    hello cowboyup stopping by to get to know you . what do you like to thank about before you go outside? I always love to thank about funny things to make me laugh, laughing will I go outside always help me when I am feeling nervous.
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