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    I was wondering if anyone on here has tried Salvia. Salvia is sage and it's legal. I haven't tried it but I was curious.
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    I was just diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. I've been put on medication for it.[url]
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    My Birthday

    My birthday was yesterday. I turned 16. I had a pretty good day. My dad gave me 100 dollars and I got a cake. And the people that I really wanted to tell me happy birthday did. I was so happy that I didn't have to get dissapointed. Anyway, just thought I'd say so. :)
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    I got my blood taken a couple weeks ago and I got the results back and the doctor said I have a under-active thyroid. My sister and my mom might have it too but they haven't gotten tested yet. I would have to take thyroid pills or thyroid replacement pills. :evil...
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    Post Secret

    Has anyone heard of the post secret website? People send in their secrets on postcards and some of them get posted on the site. It's updated with new secrets every Sunday. Some are funny, some are serious, angry, sad, happy. There is also three books out that you can buy on or...
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    A question for the girls

    Are any of you comfortable with your own body? What about having someone see you naked or touch you? And what about going to the gynecologist? Just the idea of that freaks me out. So how do you ladies feel about it?
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    A guy likes me

    My sister's friend came over with her boyfriend about a month ago... they slept over here and they were here for about three days straight. He has been hanging out a lot here. Then about a week ago I came home and he and my sister were sitting in his car. So I went over and sat in the back seat...
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    How was your Christmas?

    My Christmas went suprisingly well. I went over to my uncle, aunt, and cousin's house. I was a little bummed because normally we do Christmas at our house. I don't get along that well my unlce and everyone, so I was expecting a crappy night. We ate some deviled eggs and chips before dinner. The...
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    What do you think from your own experiences is the best medication for Avoidant Persoanlity Disorder?
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    Does Prozak work?

    I know that one medication may for for someone and not work for another but, for anyone taking Prozak does it work for you? My shrink is making me face the idea of changing my medication from Lexapro to Prozak. I don't know if it will work better or at all for that matter. My blushing has been...
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    If you didn't...

    If you didn't have SA or any other mental health issues, would you be outgoing? Would you be social and go to parties and bars? I know that my SP has changed my outlook on life some but, I don't think that I would be very social even if I didn't have SP. There are so many people who I look at...
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    About a year and a half ago I met a girl online. We connected really well. We have a LOT in common and we love each other very much. She lives across the country. But in December she is going to fly out and come and see me for ten days. I can't wait! A few weeks ago I had an old friend come...
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    A girl on the news

    I didn't get to see the story but my mom said that she heard a preview for a story about a nine year old girl who hung herself. They said she was a "painfully shy" girl and a straight 'A' student. I was thinking maybe she had SP and didn't know what it was and hadn't told anyone. Just thought...
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    Important: I need your advice.

    Ok, first I am going to give a little background on my shrink. I went to a woman and she was my shrink since I first started getting help. Then she didn't take my insurance anymore. Now I go to a man. He was great, even better than the first (who I never really liked). I have been to him three...
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    Crazy and Complicated.

    Something really strange just happened. Ok, I few weeks ago I went to a baby shower and my mom had talked briefly about my SP with a neighbor. So yesterday my neighbor called here and told my mom that there was a child and a mother who was dealing with social phobia and my neighbor was asking...