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  • I came up with it on the spot when I was registering...Lost because I rarely know the right direction to take in life. Girl because I sometimes don't feel as though my mind has matured as much as it should have for my age... I think that's changing now though. I feel pretty good. Why the name black-wings?
    They are the same thing. I took USTF Tae Kwon Do. I think we didn't use it in forms until either blue or red belt which are right before black belt. My specialty is sweeps and pressure points. I am really really good at kicks too. The tournaments are fun too. I somehow never lost. I wanted to stick with it cause I could already teach class at 2nd degree but I had to go off to college and had to stop being involved. I still remember everything but it has been a few years. I wonder If I went back if I would still have my ranking?
    My favorite kick was the Jumping Spinning Butterfly/Horse Kick. It looks really cool and Is fun to do. I don't think you start to learn it until the last 2-3 belts in most organizations.
    Wow bro....if you make Black Belt that fast you must be a beast. 5 years was considered fast when I did it. Most people took like 7 years.
    It took me 5 years to go from white to 2nd Degree Black Belt. That's pretty fast too. That is like 19 rankings to go through counting the 4 stripes per belt system. But I am pretty good and jumped 2-4 stripes at a time most of the time.
    Dang that's a lot of belt rankings!!! Once Yellow belt started we go with the 4 stripe per color system until Black Belt. When you reach 2nd degree Black Belt you get all the cool yellow stitching on the belt. Plus at Black belt you start breaking concrete Bricks!!
    Sweet man...Do you get to start breaking Boards at Camo Belt....I Did not have that color. Mine went...White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Black
    Hey man just read you're into tae kwon do bro...That's awesome man. I'm a 2nd degree Blackbelt. What's your rank bro?
    Nick!! You need to turn that one into a longer story. It has a lot of potential and I can give you some ideas. It won't be as good as the girl that kills people in her sleep, but i'll try lol!!
    It's a great movie. That pic of Marla was actually my avi before I changed it to the one I have now:)
    I've been on for a couple of months but only really been active recently as SA has become a little more relevant to my life. I see you're pretty new :)
    I'm glad you joined :D we need some more positive input on here! and i think you rock for joining and getting straight into meeting people! that's rare on here lol
    Yaaaaaaay! i'm so glad you're liking it here. It's a really great community and the people on here are absolutely amazing! I hope you stick around, so many people sign up, post in one thread and then leave :(
    Hi:) I really like your signiture. Just curious, did you find that or make it up yourself? If you found it, would you mind telling me the author please?:)
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