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  • Have you been watching True Blood? They killed off Franklin, I actually found him to be quite pleasant and entertaining. I think Sookie will be in a love triangle with werewolf dude and Eric Northman, but I hope Eric is chosen because he smells like the ocean. Oh, can't forget Lafayette's Spanish papi!
    You are really, really, really ridiculously good looking. Ah, that movie never gets old.
    How could your legs be "soar"? Did they soar like a bird? I want to do something relaxing too, how bout we break some things again? Don't forget which puffer fish you are, I am the smiley one and you are the tiny miniscule one.
    Wow, I'm not drinking again I felt nauseous and I think I was hit by a wrecking ball in my sleep. Anyway, hope you are well. :D Time to get back to the daily grind.
    I think you should keep all the songs on there. I mean look at the 94 song list. Well...I think a lot of songs didn't play due to their oldness. So if you are thinking about putting some old school oldies rock decades old stuff you are in for a surprise. It is easy man, well it will be easier to tell you if you answered my bing. I feel like a jack a$$, answer my bing okay.
    I'm slowly scrolling down just to see the scowl on that kid's face and his little fist pump. Hey, are you using that account I made to make that playlist you were talking about? You can you know, I think it can make billions of playlists.
    Did you make that protein shake yet Private Snowball? This is my rifle, this is my gun. This is for fighting, this is for fun.
    ..../ `--│││││││││----------------------_]
    .../_==o ____________________
    .....),---.(_(__) /
    ....// (\) ),------
    ../`----' / ...
    ./____ / ... .
    YouTube - Full Metal Jacket Clip
    The girl coming out of the well is going to get you!!!!...and also that gremlin down the hall. Remember when the gremlins tried to turn Gizmo like he was some sort of hookah? It was horrible...Sweet mother of pearl!!! Look how cute
    Ramen and cat food? More like mustard on any dry food you can find. Got no milk? Mix mustard with your Lucky Charms! Man, can you give me some of that rain? I love the rain, I feel like this sunshine will be the death of me. You still have a long day ahead of you so I don't think your day is thrown off that much. Prick90 can still be done! I'm feelin I want to try these ins and outs. That is a dumb name for an exercise.
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