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  • How are you feeling today? All this talking about feelings stuff makes me want to put on a tutu and drink a berry flavored light beverage. Oh wait, I did do that. I feel a bit better today probably because I got better news. Also, because I drank a gallon of water. I didn't wake up like I felt like I was hit by a bus. Hope you feel better H Man.
    (Them darn teenagers are so silly)
    Mt Dew Amp? What is that like some super red soad? Riding dolphins while shooting people in boats...with super soaker 500s...and wheel in deals at Chi-town? Sounds wonderful. If you squint your eyes, you get 5 dolla holla and a kimono made of the finest silks soads have to offer. I don't believe for one second that you are .000000000001% Asian, your skin tone is the shade of Caucasian. Makes sense why you like Miley..
    Next time you want to stay up for 165 hours, you need to be prepared with some techno/house/electronica/rave/underground music and 25 liters of soad. Can't hang with the big boys, then stay out the kitchen!...I was just kidding...I mean who stays up for 165 hours? Not me
    Ok I watched the cover again and I squinted a bit harder this time and..dare I say it? I saw action figures!!! The epitome of awesome like soads, your mom's alfredo, glimmers, larping, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, WWF, Metal Slugs 10, Lego Harry Potter 1 - 4, rollercoasters, white tees, Psalms, Dean, crackhead leprechauns, shrimps, 90s, The Silver Seas, asian babies and of course Heathy!! I forgot to mention I watched some WWE, last night to be exact and there is this wrestler named McGillicutty. When you called me a magiculutty meecrob were you referring to him?
    Oh dang I am tired. I'm still going to work out. You better have worked out tonight Bama boy or I will buy all the Lego Harry Potter 1 - 4's. No joke. Then I will strap you down to a chair and make you listen to John Mayer and I will sing to you!!! I don't mess around yo. In fact, I am listening to John Mayer right now.
    I need to wait that dreaded hour before working out. Did you OD on your mom's alfredo? I'm just going to waste some time on here...oh yeah I ate some carrots. YUM! I mean ew. Let's dress up like Batman and Robin and go break some stuff. What song do you recommend for someone with a husky voice such as mine? I don't care what you time someone asked for my parents and before we hung up the person said "thanks son".
    I have to admit those pictures you sent me were quite breathtaking. Your voice is also beautiful for a male. I mean you could be a stand in for Miley if you desired. "Technologically uneducated" were my exact words. Do you want me to airmail you some tea I made, I put honey in it Heath style.
    I can't believe you noob posted, (below) I thought you were intermediate. Grits da bomb yo. Bathrooms have natural acoustics? Great...darn it...I have to google everything you say. Well, my monthly shower is June 30th so I will pencil you in.
    Well, yes if you insist...I will wear my Princess of Lorian Viking costume and cook you some grits. I like your matching your live instrument to my horrible pitch idea. It gives me hope for when I do break through a hit song in the shower you will be outside the door strumming the guitar eating shrimps. I am going to have to find a New Testament around here somewhere. Only because I don't like the idea of skipping or skimming through anything I read. Thanks, I haven't heard your voice yet but I am sure it matches to my greatness and probably in pitch.
    Okay, I did none of those things. I got a lot of studying done though and also an image of your boo boo in my head. Meh hates to imagine injuries. If I win, I get your Lego Harry Potter 1 - 4. Did you get any Bible reading done? I am going to read some before bedtime. Also, I tried singing when no one was here and it was BAD Heathy. I couldn't even get the Jack Johnson stuff down, I was all over the place. On a good note, I sound spectacular with the volume at max. Do you like my accent?
    Crisco grease has anti aging properties and is an antioxidant. Today I thought about actually being productive and playing some noob guitar, reading a Chapter from the Bible, watch one episode of The Office, matching you with some WWF China style body slam and of course I always win fizzle wizzle.
    Have you ever tried eating Oreos with peanut butter? That is the quickest way to become morbidly obese in a matter of hours. Well...all I know is that when I wake up I automatically feel like arm wrestling, playing some Jack Johnson, watching some Smallville and of course shootin' the shizzle with mah fizzle.
    How are you feeling today? I would like to offer you a gift of bundled puppies. If you could tame a Leprechaun to grant me every wish, I would cherish me friendship with you. Meaning I might play Lego Harry Potter 1 - 4 with you in your poorly insulated room.
    Good morning beautiful bumble bee. Having a monkey serve me shrimps is something I could get used to. If he opened the ketchup bottle without it spilling everywhere and little hardened ketchup didn't fall, that would be...just magical.
    I was actually hoping you could send by tiny boat with a little letter attached. The sauce has to be sealed because you know ketchup gets funky if you don't cover it. "it's so good that it makes you wanna slap somebody" this makes me laugh really loud and by myself, which makes it even more ridiculous.
    Shrimps and larpying, what a beautiful thing I imagine. Well, I go to bed early so I don't know...I kind of don't want NIGHTMARES!!!! I want a nice peaceful sleep thinking of asian babies who play Lego Harry Potter 1 - 4.
    I want two individual shrimps carefully packaged and sent to my home and delivered here at 6am sharp tomorrow...with special dipping sauce aka ketchup.
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