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  • You must smell like flowers then. Meaning there was fertilizer and seeds growing in that trash can. Ok, ok my jokes suck. You alright? Or did you do the Prick90?
    Since you like the Delta Spirit, I shall put the best song of theirs up they aren't that bad live...
    YouTube - Delta Spirit - Trash Can
    Stay off the effin set you effin amateur!!!!
    How dare you try and woo the moms. I mean when she find out about the .00001% asian, she will definitely drop you like a bad habit. Besides she is classy and won't let you get up in them egg rolls you meeckrobish hoodlum. Wooden shoes sound uncomfortable, but I think it will be worth it. All you have to do is wear a yamakah and slightly resemble a young Dylan McKay. Damn!!! Dwayne lookin all fine singing that song, thanks for the video little bumblebee of charms.
    I am pretty sure I knew what you meant strawberry. If you don't know what that means I will tell you. It means a person who sells their goodies for soads. Yeah, I do love the Rock didn't you see the way he sings Elvis? I mean he is no Ghostfacer, but he can lay the smackdown. I am sure I am not a Star Wars fan and the only reason I know anything about it is because I learned from you young cricket. I like LOTR memba? There are larping comic conventions!!! I'm missing out fer sure.
    It's the big muscle connected to the small muscle connected to the missing muscle. A bronzed gawd? You can be a Chinese gawd they have lighter skin. Judging by your full mustache/beard you cannot pass for an asian unless you wear the kimono and hit on moms.
    Jaborini!!??!? I TINK I shall use this new word you have made up. Let's just drop letters in words instead of mixing them up. Getting hit with an elbow is an everyday occurence for me seeing as how I am just as clumsy as you. Ok, we watch together but I will scare you because you make it so easy to. I bet I can scare you now just by saying your collectibles are being sold by the US army. Big ass scorpions?! No thanks, besides I am not scared of bugs if they are in other countries trapped in containers and not alive. What is a padawan? Is that the princess name on Star Wars? Yeesh.
    What is a quad? It sounds like the areas on high school campus that were separated in segments of pillars. Yeah, if you eat chicken soup and crackers with mustard you will be ano by the time Fall rolls around. I am proud of you young cricket.
    How do you know all the ages of these men? I thought Reynolds was like 50 and you knew his exact age, this fascinates me. Ok, yeah Sleep Away camp was just as dumb as the old Degrassi series with Joey in middle school. That was a long time ago jabroni! Ok, let me find a horrifying one and you have to watch it at night before you go to sleep with a mirror facing you, your closet open, and nobody home. A tarantula!?!? That only entices me more, big meal for meh! Actually, the list was more for me and for you it was like a plus for actually knowing me. I am going to put some stuff on there that you like, but the metal bands I will save for another time. That was before my time young cricket.
    You are going to be sore tomorrow my friend. Sore is good though, memba? You have no idea how bad ass this compilation is going to be. It goes from ballads to hard rock to boyz II men.
    Saarsgard was the dad though, hey that kind of sucks...your twin plays dads now. :p I am about to look at the video again so I can cackle myself. LMFAO!!!! Are you the one who flagged the video? "Oh my God, she is a boy" Must...look...away. I don't know what kind of movie magic that was, but that certainly didn't look like a "boy". Actually judging from earlier and your screaming with your mommy, I think I must be much braver. Besides, that spider? I crushed it with my fists and ate it for breakfast. I looked through at least 1,000 songs and this will be the best music compilation evah known to Heath.
    I saw this movie with your twin in it, it was called The Orphan and no your twin wasn't the girl with Benjamin Button syndrome. I have this urge to watch that video before I sleep just to have nightmares of Angela....I mean the first time I saw it I was terrified, but the second time...why was it so hilarious?!!?!? You laughing for the first time of actually seeing it makes me wonder if you are much more brave than me :O
    LOL I was just playing besides I noticed before that you both like football so it is always good to find things in common with other people. :D Some of us like football up here too, but I don't happen to be one of those people. Seems like I am missing out huh! I watch Superbowl does that count....Heath don't hate on meh I was kidding.
    "because really, how much longer was I going to have to hear about your football stories? Yeah I said it."

    HAHA!! you gotta forgive him! it's just how we're raised down here! lol
    Is 4 liters too much? I think you might piss out some important electrolytes. I think 2.3 liters will just about do it. I kind of don't feel like wallowing, but a part of me is saying give in to it. I have some music ready and everything. Blindfolded rollerblading! Makes me reminisce about Saturday Night Fever...again. Sigh. Yes! You have more comments other than from me...because really, how much longer was I going to have to hear about your football stories? Yeah I said it.
    well at least y'all can get it done with florida! ugh! last year's SEC title game was the best! i loved every minute of that! haha! atlanta would be nice, but i think it's gonna be another rough couple of years for us, unfortunately.. richt kicked mettenberger off the team and he was supposedly our 'next matt stafford' =/ i do like aj a lot, and julio was just about as great that first year but last year i feel like he kinda fell off.. anyway, glad somebody else knows that the SEC is where it's at, not many football fans around here on SPW, lol : )
    haha! you're right about that!! i'm in the same boat, except i'm a red and black blooded georgia fan : ) september can't get here fast enough =/ bama is definitely my second favorite, because we don't always have to play y'all, haha.. and because i went to high school with coco.. errr kareem jackson, he was my buddy : ) lol
    Peanut!?!?!? I ate some peanuts today. My news is that I don't have to give up my room and I can just wallow some more. Yes, extreme amounts of water though, truck loads.
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