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  • It's essentially like a very cheap teacher. YouTube video's and written tutorials can be difficult to understand in beginning. It's definitely worth the money. :3

    And thank you. ;D
    I use a program called ''Synthesia''. What the program does is read the MIDI file as if it's sheetmusic, and then allows you to play along with it.

    All you have to do is download the program and put the MIDI in the right folder, and the Synthesia will take care of the rest. :3

    With the free version you have to keep to the pace of the song. But when you buy the full version, the program will wait for you to press the note. The latter is great to learn the songs with.

    Here's a demo:
    ‪Fur Elise - How to Play Fur Elise on Piano‬‏ - YouTube

    It's more or less like Guitar Hero, only without being dumbed down. What you hear, is what you play. :3
    Hey! :) Is it too hot there to be alive? :) Cause I was feeling kinda lifeless too and now it's COOLED OFF a bit and LIFE is much better!! :) Hope things improve over there too!! (sending cool air, if needed?? or rain? *whichever preferred*) - Hey! Are you a musician also or what?
    Yes, there are still protests, but now it's more... calm. And thanks! I think you should post more of your music :)
    ...Someone's gonna lose his captain.... :rolleyes:
    You don't know how to play scrabble :eek: All you do is spell words with the tiles, if you like I can show you sometime :D
    Yeah no problem here, man. Just haven't been much interested in the site lately. Hope you're doing well.
    haha Thanks :) Feeling kinda great today really :) We'll see about tomorrow (you can never tell) but today is great! :) You know how one can be kinda scared for a few days and then things go well and you're just... elated :) Glad to hear things are better - both for you and Egypt... Hope things continue to get even better!! Do you have vacations now? Any good plans/projects for the summer? (Or later for Autumn/next year?)
    Hey Arsenalwa! :) I was wondering about you and Egypt! How's it going?
    I've read/seen some not-so-great things online, so just wondering... hope you're allright?
    Oh, and did I miss your b-day too? Very b-elated happy birthday then!! :)
    I'm doing allright-ish, not so great, but ah well... learning to be courageous anyway... :)
    Hey thanx man, it's a great feeling when united get played off the park. :) How are things with you? I hope everything's well.
    Yeah, her last album was delayed a few years, so I'm getting just a little nervous. But it's going to happen! Nice to see you back too, you took quite a lengthly break. :)
    Oh hey, you turned 21 a few months ago, happy very belated birthday! I hope you know people notice your absence, you're one cool guy.
    Having seen you around in a while, albeit I haven't been here either but nonetheless. ::p:. Hope you're feeling better than you were in your last post :)
    Ha, yeah. It is completely random. I didn't have anything quirky or special to say about my actual location. Just used the alt key and the number pad. Then punched in random characters.
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