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  • It IS very important, it's not like it's there because vj was already taken and the first alternative was vj288, or something like that. :rolleyes:::p:
    yeah it was brilliant watching them get a hiding. especially at home :) yep newcastle are doing well, but i'm a bit concerned about the depth of the squad, but i suppose there's no need to complain. yep hopefully arsenal can get a run of wins and climb up the table. good to know you're doing ok, hopefully things will get even better :D
    Never hear anything yet. If he did it will surely become news. yeah as you say disappointing :( i wonder what he thinks of van persie, diaby, nasri, traore (former teammates) an current teammates affellay, abidal and keita ?
    yeah i'm doing good, thanks for asking. hope things are good with you too :)
    Darn, I was sure I had it this time ::p: :rolleyes: And oh, I finally got around to making that live music thread, it only took me a tear to do it:p
    Haha! Googled PF pig and now I see what you're talking about. That is awesome. I've gotta get my hands on this reissue. Things are meh at the moment. Could be worse I guess but could also be much better.
    It's called "Survivor From an Unknown War." Sounds interesting to me.

    Survivor From an Unknown War by Lee Crane - Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists
    Sorry, I think you have the wrong number, no one with that name lives at this address.
    Okay! And yeah, if you go under 'explore,' there is a giveaway tab. It's mostly unknown authors and some miscellaneous stuff, but there are a couple of interesting ones in there sometimes.
    yeah getting in the top 4 is gonna be tough. i just hope you guys can win something, perhaps the league cup or fa up. I really think things started off badly with the fabregas saga. if he was gone earlier you could have used the money to buy a few good players by now, same with nasri.
    Aww man I'm so sorry :(. I wanted to watch the game but when I heard you guys were fielding a really understrength team I thought, it wasn't gonna be competitive - unfortunately i was right. what do u think is gonna happen? will wenger go? can you guys buy a few good players in time?
    Hey, man. Things are going alright here. As well as they can be anyway. No, I don't think the world has gone mad, I think it's gone madder. How are things going with you these days?
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