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  • That's the interesting thing about playing the predictor. I'm happy too, but sad also coz I said I predicted they would win 3-1.:eek::rolleyes: Looks like I got quite a few wrong...
    cool. it's not really all that important to create a mini league. tomorrow I guess we can compare how well or unwell we have done.
    Woops sorry. I still make that mistake over and over. Well the - the UCL one starts today. So you have a few hours to create an account and play either the fantasy or predictor or both. I can start a mini league and we can play against each other if you want, or if you play without joining a league it's the same but we won't be able to track each others progress. either if you want to play you better join before the first kick off tonight.
    No I didn't know that. My best friend in High school was a big Arsenal fan, but now I'm pretty solitary so I don't really know what the current trends are. But either way Cesc is going back to Barca. I don't think you can dislike Barca, because he wants to go back home. Well that's my feeling anyway. Do you play fantasy or predictor games on the web?
    Yeah, but in today's time it was just too much of an expense anyway, plus it was freezing cold. Let's just say all the 'cool' kids who picked on me and never made me feel welcome amongst them, have their allegiances with said club...
    Now your turn, why don't you like Barca?
    Yeah the WC went well, pity I couldn't go to the stadiums coz of my anxiety, but I enjoyed it at home. I guess the way you feel about Barca, is the same way I feel about Man U. I was so happy they conceded 2 goals in ET.
    South Africa. Arsenal won on the weekend, hope they end the season as well as they usually start it. I suppose you support Real madrid?
    Nothing much. Barca lost yesterday to Hercules. :eek: What's going on over there in Egypt?
    Ooooh ok! i see now that you are in Egypt 0_o

    what made you become an Arsenal fan??? and did you see their game today? we won 6-0 yaaaaaaaaaaaaay hehe
    I know!!! it's so weird to meet another Arsenal fan on here! you totally rock in my eyes hehe
    Do you live in London?
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