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    Tips on getting out of the amigdala

    Just wondering if you could share some tips on how to get out the amigdala and into the prefrontal cortex?
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    The chat on this site is pretty putrid. There are many things wrong with it, I think you should fix it.
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    On being petty

    Do any of you have problems with this? Any methods of changing it?
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    Books to kill off your SA

    Please list the books that have helped you the most in overcoming SA. Mine are: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins When Panic Attacks by David Burns I could put more down here but I only list the most influential in my life. Please limit yourself to...
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    Sent messages

    Is there any way of viewing my "sent" messages? I can only see two messages that I have sent and I have sent a lot more.
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    I have tried online dating but I have had little to no results. I literally get 1% replies. Women, be honest: what is the thing you look at most when Online-Dating? Photo? Description? Message?
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    I want more than friendship

    I really like one of my coworkers. We have known each other for quite a long time and I have gone out with her a couple of times for a drink. We are friends but I want to have a romantic relationship with her. The problem is that I can never find the moment to tell her how I feel. Maybe you...
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    Youtube video of shy guy

    Interesting testimony on youtube, about a guy in his youth
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    IM system

    Is it my imagination or is it the case that when you send an IM to someone on this site that you only receive their reply once you have left the site and then go on it again? I have had various cases in which this has happened (all of them I think...). I think it must be a mistake of the site...
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    Being called "weird"

    Has anybody ever said you were weird? Anyone have any opinion on the matter?
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    Feel violent?

    Do any of you people ever feel violent (possibly as a result of your SP)? Like you really hate people, most of which you don't even know.
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    My life is a hell

    My life is a hell. I have basically no friends, just people I share a few occasional comments with. And I feel hostile to people which makes it even more difficult to relate to people. And I have a lot of anxiety. AHHHHHHHHHH. Just wanted to share that with you.
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    A tip for the shy

    I discovered a new way to talk to people if you are shy: ask them the time. This conversation will only last about 5 seconds (the will say "it's five 30" or "dont have a watch", etc.) but if you are really anxious or insecure about speaking, it can help. Because this week you will be doing this...