IM system


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Is it my imagination or is it the case that when you send an IM to someone on this site that you only receive their reply once you have left the site and then go on it again? I have had various cases in which this has happened (all of them I think...). I think it must be a mistake of the site and it should be corrected.


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I also have received messages come up only when I logon. They appear once and then they disappear. (Although I really wouldn't have a clue)

The first time I saw messages I closed them without replying and then I was never able to access them again. (Sorry to anyone that sent me messages ... )

I guess it's time I learnt how to use the feature properly!


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Well, that's one flaw of the Instant Message thingy: if you close a message by accident or don't really have the time to reply right away, there's no way to re-open them.


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That is not all.
(As a SP i have great deal of responsobilty to answer next few minutes i have got the msg)

Problem is that i got messages not addressed to my nick few times.
Also, when some users here send me msg - i m getting a bunch of blank messages[browser is Opera 9.24 w/vjava].

Dont let this fact disappoint you