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Old 02-27-2009
recluse's Avatar
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I'm a very moody person, one minute i'll be ecstatic, loving, warm, friendly....Then my mood can flip so i'm irritable, sad, cold, aloof...This occurs several times day! I never have just one mood in a day. Someone commented in the past that i have a split personality and this is true!

How often do you have mood changes?
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Old 02-27-2009

Not as much as it used to. Used to think I had Bipolar disorder at one point.

Depends on how I sleep now really. Lack of sleep messes me up.

Diet and exercise have stabilized my moods greatly.
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Old 02-27-2009

My mood does tend to fluctuate quite a bit too...I do attribute alot of it to my diet/sleep/exercise regimen..When Im taking care of myself I can see and feel the difference and it directly affects my mood...
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Old 02-27-2009
nephatitus's Avatar
Intermediate User

like a coin
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Old 02-27-2009
littl3misstrange's Avatar
Intermediate User

my emotions come in waves throughout the day.
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Old 02-28-2009
Yukinari's Avatar
Newbie User

Most of the time my mood is just down. I feel low almost every day and everything seems so pointless. I can't get the motivation I need to do the majority of things in life and my Social Phobia just makes it worse. I also can't ever get enough sleep. I can sleep as much as 12 hours a day and still not feel rested by the time I wake up, which is sad.
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Old 03-04-2009

My mood used to be like a yoyo. i would be happy and confident one minuet and then depressed the next. This cycle would change at least 10 time a day. I started taking lexapro for my depression/social anxiety and it has really helped.
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Old 03-04-2009
Off The Wall's Avatar
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oh yes mine changes like every second i feel sorry for the people around me when i'm all moody and snappy i can't help it the when is when your irritable i think the only thing i can do is go to bed cause everything drives me insane and i'll snap at everyone around me...
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Old 03-04-2009
mismeek's Avatar
Expert User

im usually chemically neutral....heh
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Old 03-04-2009
Errordotocx's Avatar
Intermediate User

Mine generally changes a couple times a day. I of course try to stay relaxed and chill for the entire day but at times I start thinking about certain things in which leads me to thinking of other things and end up accidentally feeling depressed. Thats just the way it is for now, but things will change.
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Old 03-04-2009

the mood changes i think is my biggest problem after SAD, and has somethin to do with SAD i think
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Old 03-07-2009
IceLad's Avatar
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It's generally quite low most of the time, although I do have the occasional mood swing.
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Old 03-07-2009
madmike's Avatar
Advanced User

<quote>Depends on how I sleep now really. Lack of sleep messes me up.

Diet and exercise have stabilized my moods greatly.<quote/>

I noticed this today actually. I went to bed at about three in the morning last night, for the first time in a couple of months, and all day i've been really moody, irratable, frustrated and generally not happy. Good sleeping eating and exercise patterns are really important to keep me stable, otherwise i'm also up and down constantly.
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Old 03-08-2009

Like a roller coaster...up and down up and down.......................
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Old 03-08-2009

I tend to be either anxious or depressed with constant self loathing/criticism. The only thing that gets me out of it and into a better mood is having to focus on something else to get things accomplished (like at work). Then the inner voice and feelings get temporarly shut off until the next situation when I feel anxious and bad about myself (like in most social situations).
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Old 03-16-2009

My mood changes tid usually.
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Old 03-17-2009

My moods are generally the same; depressed, lonely, feeling lack of motivation, negativity, e.t.c. That's why when people ask how I'm doing today it kind of puts me down or angers me. I usually feel the same way over and over. I wish I had changing moods or better yet an optimistic mood.
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Old 04-13-2009

every 5 minutes!!! But since I got put an AD's I've managed to stay happy for waaaaaaay longer periods of time
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Old 04-14-2009
TheLoneWolf's Avatar
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im usually a bit down
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Old 04-14-2009
lyricalliaisons's Avatar
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My mood used to change constantly & I was constantly having horrible mood swings. That was until I was diagnosed as having Bipolar 1 disorder about a year & a half ago. Since I started the medication, things have been much better.
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