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Old 01-17-2014
aloneloner's Avatar
Newbie User started as awkwardness when I was a child..then I was shy in grade school..panic attacks in high isolation..lost hope in humanity..
Looking back on my life scares me now, everything I did to prevent this..has caused it..Whats next?
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Old 01-17-2014
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Originally Posted by aloneloner View Post
..everything I did to prevent this..has caused it..
What do you mean by that exactly? Sounds insightful.
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Old 01-18-2014

It's never too late for a new beginning! I say, start by setting some goals for yourself, i.e. new year's resolutions. The past is irrelevant, already over and nothing you can do to change it no matter how much you dwell on it. It's time to close the door, say enough is enough, and look forward. It's important to maintain a positive attitude especially when times get tough. Goals should be easy at first, simple enough to achieve, and once you gain more confidence, set tougher goals. Good luck!
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Old 01-18-2014

Hi. I don't know if I would describe it as trapped in a life but like you was shy in grade school and had panic attacks when confronted with socializing with people after that. I'd say its more of a kind of regret over what has gone before than trapped. What's next is a good question
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Old 01-18-2014
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The future
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Old 05-24-2016

When I think of my past I feel like ending it, I don't want a future like that.
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Old 05-24-2016
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Trapped in this life rather than living this life pretty much sums it up for me.
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Old 05-25-2016

I definitely feel trapped now for sometime. I am looking to make major changes soon towards bettering my situation, though. I can no longer be this f*cking depressed with no opportunities. Something must and WILL change. It will require me to take risks etc...but I see no alternative. I feel like I am rotting away.
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