Write something nice about what you think about someone on this Forum


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this thread is for writing something nice about what you think about someone on this forum, past or present members:
LA-girl, she is very knowledgeable spiritually and was nice to me and trustworthy
Mary, she was higher in spirituality than I was and was trustworthy
Ads7800, He was kind, intelligent
Graeme1988, sincere, I could comfortably talk to him
theoutsider, he's nice to me, encouraging and lives a spiritual life
Jungle, he's caring and nice
Miserum, he's nice
FountainandFairfax, he likes and is nice to me
Such a nice and original thing to say! I don't remember coming across this kind of threads on the forum.

I'm feeling apprehensive about not mentioning enough members or forgetting about anyone.

Many members I could mention in fact, most of which aren't active lately, a shoutout to those who are still active!

I'd mention you, lily, for being kind and friendly, this thread shows it well 🙂


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I feel the same. Though I do like the sentiment of the post, Lily. :)
Hi Miserum, I guess this thread can cause apprehension but you can write the people you recall and then also add others later if you forgot if you'd like, otherwise you don't have to write in this thread. I haven't come here for a long time so I probably forgotten others or something and there are others who haven't come for a long time so you could forget to write them too


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We did his activity in youth camp and I remember it was so fun. There was a guy I had a crush on there who was out of my league and we all wrote on this sheet of paper on the wall under the persons name a compliment. He wrote something about me that I about died when I read it lol memories...

There’s a lot of people I miss here. I could say 100% I would be their friend if I met them. Too many to name anyways ;)


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FountainandFairfax, he likes and is nice to me.