Wow there's so little people on here...

I'm listening to some music I have not listened to for years.

It is amazing how listening to an old song can bring a flood of memories about all the things in your life at the time the song was first released.

The house/apartment you were living in at that time.
The people you associated with - the people you knew back then.
The car a family member or you owned at that time.
What your favourite food was back then.
What the most popular TV shows were at that time.
What you were doing at school/work at that time.
What pet/s you had at that time.

All those memories (good & bad) triggered from just hearing a song again - after not hearing it for a long time. :)


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I remember when I was new to this site there were definitely a lot more people in the chat box back then than there are now. I even noticed some of the people that used to be on here I haven't heard from since. Now, every time I come on here there's usually no one in the chatbox. Guess people are getting more busier nowadays.


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I've been away for a few days because I wanted to spend my free time with creative writing. Also doing the usual out and about things. I like the people here and I do hope that at least the core group continues to visit and post. I keep hoping new people will join also like it used to be when I first discovered SPW.