What are the negative effect of recieving money you don't deserve?


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I want to succeed in my business but currently i have an offer for $1K (i don't have to pay them back) because they want to help me. However I don't need it because i can generate the same amount of income from my business so no problem. However it tempting me A LOTTTT.

I feel if this offer will make me lazy psychologically and will negative psychological effect. I vigirously look through google materials that discuss the effects of getting undeserved handouts like this but i couldn't find any. If you guys can explain the negative negative psychological effects in your success fora goal when receiving undeserved resources, i would i appreciate it.

P.S. If you can give me an article or material that speaks about this, i would appreciate it as well :)


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I'd count it as a blessing or perhaps the universe's way of rewarding your efforts. If you prove to be worthy of the money and use it well, you'll perhaps catch more breaks down the road. The more you look for light, the more it tends to appear.
This feels like you are underestimating yourself or thinking that you are not worth it.

Life is paying you back the money it might have taken away from you foolishly (subscriptions/memberships that went to waste that you didn't use, you spending money on something way more than it's supposed to cost, or losing your money for nothing in general...etc) I think you deserve it.

Deep down, many people are being paid generously at a job they don't necessarily deserve to be paid that much for (incidentally, some people in third-world countries are working themselves to an early grave while not being paid properly), it's just a matter of perspective.

Don't let anyone tell you that you're not worth it. If you feel any remorse then you can always do good with that money — donate it to associations or support someone you know is in dire need.


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A couple things come to mind. The first is obligation. Often when given something, a feeling of obligation to repay the favor is sits with your, or sometimes there is an implicit expectation that the favor needs to be paid back. This isn't inherently negative, but I personally don't like the feeling of owing people things or being indebted to others so I view it as such.

Another is dependency. When you are given things, you may get used to it and then struggle when you are not given them in similar future situations. For some this might even lead to a feeling of entitlement. If you've ever met someone who has been handed things their whole life, it's usually easy to see the impact.

One more is feelings of guilt. It may not be rational when dealing with a person who wants to help and knows your situation, but taking what you don't need can be guilt inducing. I'd liken it to going to a food pantry when you can afford groceries. If you're struggling there is nothing wrong with asking for help, but if you don't it feels...bad to accept it sometimes.