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  • I remind myself when I need to that Im just getting on with my tasks and not doing anything wrong.People make noises for all sorts of reason and not to take it personally.This kind of self talking is tool I use to calm myself down in different situations.
    Hi.I just read the message you posted in a forum about being afraid of your neighbours moving around.I can kind of relate in the sense that if I move and then someone else moves I use to feel like they were startled by me and were afraid.

    Im not sure if how you feel .I feel like this alot less since I now realizes that alot of people are naturally sensitive to movement around them.They will subconciously look at what or who moved.Its more about how humans are programed through evolution to look for danger.Hope you follow my meaning.
    thanks for the picture comment.. i've been drawing for as long as i can remember, lol.. and i agree, i think it's something your born with, and i can stop drawing for a while and always come back to it, too... there are certain things i can draw better than others though, if that makes sense, lol.. i don't think i'm that good, it takes a lot of work for me to make something look great, haha :)
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