Was it a panic attack?


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A couple days ago I experienced something what seemed like a panic attack. I was at school helping out in a lower year class when I was standing up at the back of the classroom my whole body started feeling heavy, I broke out in sweat and felt exceptionally dizzy. This is when my vision started getting blurry and eventually it went black. I felt out of control and I couldn't even move, I was so terrified. Eventually, still not being able to see anything, I struggled onto a chair and asked to be excused. I ran into the medical room feeling really dizzy and out of breath, I immediately started crying as I was so shaken up with what happened. Idk if this is a panic attack or not as I've never experienced such a feeling (although a similar experience to when I get my blood drawn). I am due to go to the doctor's soon but I'd just like to put my mind to ease if anyone could confirm they experience similar things during a panic attack. Other things you should probably know about me is that I get extremely out of breath just walking, I'm underweight for my age, I get tightness in my chest and I have palmar hyperhydrosis. I'm not sure if any of these things link but I'd just like to know if anyone is on the same boat as me. Thanks :)


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I have had similar symptoms with panic attack, so you are not alone. It has happened in situations when I am feeling anxiety and trying for too long to keep it all together, like my body just started shutting down from trying so hard to maintain. I have never gone blind, but have gotten dizzy, nauseated, sweat, flushed, had to sit, weak etc. Sometimes I feel like "I have to get out of here" which I think are more conscious emotional symptoms, other times I didn't realize I was having anxiety until I had all the physical symptoms. I get palpitations. I tense every muscle in my body. Sometimes I get super tired like I just can't stay awake. These are all coping mechanisms that your body does to deal with the anxiety. I would still get checked out to be sure, but rest assured, these can all be caused by anxiety.


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Sounds kind of like a panic attack to me, except for the blurry vision part. However, in my case, the panic attack always starts with a strong sense of panic (hence the name), followed by the physiological symptoms. The way you describe it, the panic/fear followed the symptoms, which is not typical for a panic attack, as far as I know. There can be many other possibilities for such symptoms, like hypoglycemia, hyperventilation, cardiovascular dysfunction, and what's not. The best thing to do is to go to a doctor and run some tests to rule out any physiological cause.


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Your symptoms sound similar to mine. I start sweating, my heart beats real fast, I feel really light headed and dizzy, thing's go blurry etc.
So yeah i think you had a panic attack :( did something in particular set this off? was you worrying about something before hand?


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If you're never experienced one before, you could be forgiven to mistaking it for suddenly feeling like you are about to die from some unknown internal cause, that eventually fades.

Symtoms I've had include:

- Racing heart
- Aches and twinges in various locations
- Hard to catch breath
- Overheating
- Cold shivers
- General feeling of restlessness
- Become much more aware of each heart beat to the point where I can't ignore it and it feels like if I stop paying attention to it, it'll stop beating
- Sweating
- etc..


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I never have this type of attack mine are always the same fast breathing, hyperventalating, too many thoughts in my mind ending up in complete mental breakdown, I wish I could have one of the other ones for a change.