Warcraft server?


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Which one are you on? I'm on ghostlands EU at the mo but getting sick of the guild I'm in and looking for a better guild/server (more mature).


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I got a couple of characters on bloodhoof plus some low lvl on other servers, no guild though, I'm not that social


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I play on Darksorrow EU in a guild called "Full House", but its mostly just a leveling guild that I got invited to randomly..


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Sorry, I've never played WoW. I think something about its popularity turned me off to it. And I was never crazy about the aesthetics in the Warcraft universe. Plus, any time I ever play an MMO, I end up being just as antisocial as in real life.

That being said, I have been poking around in LotRO lately. That, and World of Social Phobia. :D


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Used to play on Draenor (before it became cool!) and before that Stormrage for a bit. Quit a few years ago as I was just as anti social most of the time as in real life too. Took me ages to get the confidence to run instances after a few bad experiences. I never found a good guild that progressed or stayed together for more than a few months.

I played Rift for a month before I quit as I was getting addicted again, I sorta miss it a bit though, but although quite good I thought it lacked soul.
Caelestrasz. I've played for a few years, was a GM for some time. Then gave wow a break for 12 months. Ive just gone back - with a different mindset, this time I wont be taking it too seriously. I'm currently just mucking around making gold for when WOD comes out.