VIDEO: True Life: I Have Social Anxiety


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Actually the guy doesn't appear to have SAD. He's mostly interested in getting a date and just seems generally inexperienced and socially awkward.

The woman ... eh. Not sure. I was generally unimpressed.


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I find it a bit ironic how the girl seemed to be at ease in front of the camera and was talking openly about her problems to the world but mentioned she was afraid of talking about her problems to a therapist?
About the guy though, I sort of thought he was more authentic since he kind of made me cringe a few times, specially when he was faking that he was laughing in front of the girls and the awkward eye contact he would make with them, looking a little bit at them and then looking down! lol
But yeah, maybe you could call it more of a dating phobia than SA.


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I'm surprised they were not trying to flog snake oil at the end of the video. :ironicsmile:


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I actually believe they have a form of social anxiety but let's be real...If you are a heavy sufferer would being videotaped about it not be one of the worst things you would ever experience? Maybe these people were one of the few they could find that were actually willing to go in front of the camera.

Anyaway...thanks for sharing :) I always liked True Life :)