"underwear humiliation" fantasy

I’m a 29 year-old, straight, white male doctoral candidate. Since childhood, I have fantasized about scenarios in which I find myself surrounded by women, while I'm wearing nothing but white Fruit-of-the-Loom briefs (so-called "tighty whities"). In these fantasies, I find myself in that predicament, accidentally, through no fault of my own or overt action on my part. These fantasies are a confluence of vastly divergent emotions: It's anticipatory dread juxtaposed with prurient exhilaration. Half of me almost shudders at the mere thought of such an unpleasant and embarrassing experience, and yet the other half of me desires it with an unfathomable intensity that very nearly causes my heart to pound out of my chest. "I hate it, yet I love it," so-to-speak.

I'm not an exhibitionist. The fantasies do not involve nudity of any type. I've never acted out these fantasies and never will. They will remain just that: Fantasies. However, for twenty years I have run these fantasies (I have 5-6 favorite scenarios) through my mind with scrupulous attention devoted to every minuscule detail. The level of sexual arousal produced by these fantasies is incredible and instantaneous; almost beyond description.

The fantasy evokes several distinct emotions: Humiliation; a very strong sense of vulnerability and a tinge of "despair," because I know this moment of extreme embarrassment can never be "undone." The reactions of the women always fall into one of two categories: They find my very unfortunate public circumstances to be a source of amusement, which is often accompanied by pointing and stifled giggling. Or, they are mature, almost stoic, as they earnestly try to help me recover my dignity – and my pants - which, of course, are nowhere to be found. They may offer me a robe or towel. It is the second group of women (the "helpful" group) that causes the most humiliation for me. Another vital component in these fantasies is the issue of "seeing" these women "afterward." It would be embarrassing to have to look these women in the eye afterward.

As stated earlier, in these fantasies, I inexplicably, accidentally, somehow find myself trouser-less. It's not "intentional." The women are varied and can include any race. The number of women in these fantasies can range from one to dozens. The women can be any age between 21 and about 55. However, the more attractive they are, the more humiliating it is. The more "feminine" they are (curvaceous; hair coiffed; dresses/evening gowns, as opposed to jeans, etc.), the more humiliating it is. Unlike a lot of so-called "humiliation" fantasies, mine does not involve pain, whips, chains, bondage, ect.

Sometimes, the women in these fantasies are strangers (nurses; sorority sisters; a club full of women on "Ladies Drink Free" Night). Sometimes they're known to me (neighbors; academic colleagues; my brothers' girlfriends; the "50-something" cashiers at the 99-cents store; the two buxom hygienists at my dentist's office, etc.).

As I grew older, I strongly suspected these fantasies would end. They haven't. I guess the question is this: Any other straight guys have similar fantasies? Based on my rather limited and woefully unscientific research over the years, this is not a common fantasy.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Okay you're probably a troll, but just in case you're not, the only thing very wrong with this fantasy is that nothing seems to happen. I mean you haven't mentioned their reactions. Do they run away, look disgusted, beat you up, flirt, jump at you legs akimbo? It seems like you're only telling us half the story.

I mean if nothing happens then it's a half second fantasy, how are you meant to knock one out to that? Seriously think you need to use your imagination more. lol
Sorry you feel as you do.
If you do not have sexual fantasies you are not human.

Everybody have fantasies, and in all my years of reading fiction and non-fiction I have to come realize that there are weirder people than me on this planet. Yours sound tame.

As long as you are aware that it is just your mind playing games, and not real life, you should be fine.
Yes, perhaps "tame" in the overall sense when you read about some of those far-out "fantasies."

Just trying to understand it better as well as trying to ascertain if it's common.

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You have already received replies to this in quite a few other forums since last year, are you being genuine or is posting this in forums part of the thrill?
Din't you know? Men being left in b0x0rs in public is the latest trend. Super sexy, right? :thumbup:
I heard a tune today, telling a story of this being acted out in the last verse. Could think of nothing but this here forum topic. Here you go:


Now, although it worked out well for The Move, I don't recommend trying this at home. Wait, do try this at home. Just not in someone else's home! If nothing else, this can be taken as confirmation that other people have similar thoughts : )
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In the sci-fi series "Lexx" such a fantasy occurs. A man is standing in the middle of nowhere and a bunch of women are around him. He is in his undies because ( it is tv ) his dream gets invaded. The female character starts mimicng the other dream girls, while the male character tries to drag her out. Meh.