Totally New Ionto Expeiment -- Galvanic Stimulator

I might consider trying these conductive gloves for my ionto treatment instead of using water. This way I can lay down and not have to worry about keeping my head up. The gloves, some gel, who knows? Or maybe I'll just get some cheap cotton gloves and rub the gel throughout? Ineed to try something.

Pair of Silver Conductive Massage Gloves With Adapter Lead wires For Tens/Ems Machine
Those look interesting, please let us know how they work out!


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So far I haven't truly decided if I want to spend money on these gloves. It appears that everything I read says they are a small tight fitting glove,so comfort is a concern. Second issue is that continued use with gel will cause bacteria buildup, because cleaning them inside out may be futile. Comfortable cotton gloves make more sense and just sewing on or gluing an electrode should be easy enough. It still comes down to the cleanliness factor. I found 2 pairs of gloves in my stash that I may try to work with.

We've talked about just using wet with water gloves. How can I do this in the laying down position without causing a mess? Gel just might end up being to messy in general. Gel is cheap, maybe I'll just order a tube and play with it? Any suggestions on making a homemade safe gel? Somebody must have an idea? eh?

*** Just made an executive decision and ordered a tube of "Spectra PAR12-02 Parker Laboratories 360 Electrode Gel, 2 oz. Tube" on Ebay for under $5. With luck it will arrive by the weekend and I can just see if there is something I can do with this stuff. I need to start somewhere.

Another thought is creating something with simple flour and water, starch, tapioca, anything gooey that can easily be washed with water to go inside a cloth glove. The exterior of the cloth glove can be covered with a latex glove to keep the moisture in. I do have some cheap latex lined cloth gardening gloves to play with.

I want something that can be easily cleaned in the shower.

IDEAS WELCOME... please Spectra.JPG


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The amount of gel needed to coat the inside of a glove would be prohibitively expensive. The gloves would need to be cleaned and dried after each use. The gel came, but I won't be using it as intended.


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Here it is now the end of June, tomorrow being the 1st of July. I've done absolutely nothing on the gel aspect. Ionto treatments have been once a week for the most part. The temperature here has been around 100 degrees daily, but my body has been coping with the sweat situation. I've had some drippy days usually do to external stress like going to a doctor appointment etc.

Over the past few months I have once again changed the time limit put upon HH treatment. I still do hands and feet all at the same time. I've changed the polarity times to 1/2 hour with the positive polarity concentrated on my hands and 20 minutes positive polarity for my feet. So basically it's an hour of ionto treatment once a week. It's working out pretty well, I still need to find a more physically comfortable way, preferably while laying down.

A thing to remember is that your ionto treatment schedule may periodically need to be altered as mine has changed many times over the last 14 years. There have been times where ionto just didn't want to cooperate with my body. As frustrating as that it was, somehow I survived the crisis and ionto started working again. I'm still so grateful for pulsed current, otherwise I would have given up treatment years ago due to the pain ionto can inflict upon you.

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I think that you can get the little bit more effects. Try to use still mineral water. Aditionally if you cure the hands and feet separately, you can try to treat them using style 1 hand + one feet.


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I do 2 hands and 2 feet. I also use 1/2 rainwater and hard tap. Out of curiosity, how long have you been doing ionto? Water quality in my experimentations is only part of the equation for successful ionto treatment. Read this thread a little bit closer as I explain how the standard thought on water issues do not always apply.