totally addicted


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A few things, yes. Soda, for one thing. Not healthy, but I enjoy it. I'm also addicted to music and feeling sorry for myself. Not true addictions, obviously, but it's hard for me to live without...any of these. Oh, and the Internet, sadly.
I'm very much addicted to checking messages. I reckon I refresh a page over 15-40 times. That is every day, and per site.

If I don't find anything else to do, I could keep doing it all day. It's quite maddening sometimes.


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I think everyone has an addiction to something, something you have to do every day, can't live without. It's just part of being human i reckon! :)


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:rolleyes: yep everyones addicted to something :)

im currently addicted to jelly babies, mmmmm
i always bite there heads of first. ::p::D


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my addictions are pretty unhealthy..
cigarettes =/
sleeping pills
the sims
Compared to sound very healthy :p

This list used to contain like cocaine and other things, but I drastically slowed down, I really don't do anything but weed anymore, but I consider myself addicted to these substances because I still subconsciousness crave them and relapse every now and then. Everyone wants to be your friend if you have drugs....::(:

Heroin (anything that gets made into morphine in the body)
Moderate booze (not the everyday drinking I used to do)
McDonalds Deluxe Breakfast (it's my coffee, methadone makes me crave sugar in the mornings, and this helps)

And Xbox360 :)

I'm surprised more people don't have serious addictions on this forum like me. Honestly I started doing drugs to be more accepted. I litterally remember thinking AT 12 (if I had some weed/heroin/drug I would be more confident), then I learned people wanna be your friends if you can get drugs...well "friend". Or maybe some on here do and don't admit it, I don't care, it's who I am unfortenatly, i'm not proud, but I'm not gonna ostrisize myself over it, I'm open about it now (well not to my family hah)


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Cigarettes and gummy bear vitamins
Anime- currently hooked on Inuyasha, Full Metal and Death Note. They rotate.
Reading- and I know that doesn't sound like it could be an addiction and I am getting better but my books go with me everywhere. I read when I'm at a red light. My life sucks and I have chosen to live vicariously through fictional characters who kick ass.
I used to be addicted to meth but I've been clean for 9 years.
Oh and I also used to smoke alot of pot but it started making me paranoid after I started doing meth.