Things you could do with a friend or partner.


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I don't really have any friend right now due to social anxiety. And so I don't get out of the house very much as a result. I'm sure a lot of you can relate. If I got a girlfriend by some miracle, I wouldn't know where to take her because I never go anywhere. So she would probably find me boring which right now I probably am. But I'd like to change that.

If I had a friend, one of the things I would want to do with my friend is get out and do things that I feel comfortable enough doing and that I would enjoy. That way I would get more comfortable going out and doing things and I would have lots of places to take a girlfriend. Then I would have more of a life and she wouldn't find me boring.

I think it's important to keep doing things with your friends even after you get a girlfriend (or boyfriend). You should have a life outside your partner. Your whole world shouldn't revolve around them because if it does then if you break up you will find yourself all alone again.

Having friends also makes you more attractive to the opposite sex because it shows that you're normal and that other people like you (social proof). If you have no friends then a potential partner will wonder why. They will wonder if there's something wrong with you.

Women are also attracted to guys that take the lead. They want you to be a man and take the lead. If you are planning a date with a girl and she asks “what do you want to do?”, you don't throw the question back at her and say “I don't know, what do you want to do?”. Instead, be a man and take the lead by saying “I thought we would go ___ and ___. How's that sound?”.

Once you have gone and done lots of things with a friend, you will have lots of places that you could take a girlfriend. That should be a real confidence booster because then you will easily be able to lead your girl as you have lots of places you can now take her.

I came up with of list of things I wouldn't mind doing with a friend or partner. If you have any other ideas, please share. Here's my list:

State Park – This one's good to do with a partner. Have a picnic at the park and then walk around site seeing. Maybe take a canoe through the cave. Go on a hike in the woods and get it on behind a big rock off the side of the trail. Don't forget to bring a blanket to lie on.

Camping – Our state park also has a campground. This is another good one to do with a partner as you could sleep together in the tent.

Movies – Pay attention to when good movies are in theaters so you can go watch them.

Beach – Find a good beach spot where there are few people. If you're like me you don't like being around lots of people. I feel like everyone is watching me.

Basket ball – There are some basket ball courts I wouldn't be comfortable playing at because there are so many people around. But there are a couple of basket ball courts I know of where there's hardly anyone's around. Could shot hoops or play horse once in a while.

Pool – I'm not very good at shooting pool, but I still enjoy it. There is a pool hall up town. I've never been, but I would check it out with a friend.

Miniature golf – Could find a good miniature golf course to play at once in a while. I like laid-back sports like pool and miniature golf.

Mall – Could hangout in the mall, eat there and check out the girls. For some reason, that's one place I feel comfortable at even though there are lots of people there.

Ice cream/Coffee – Could go to places that have ice cream and try different things – figure out whats good. Could go to Starbucks and try different things and figure out what's good. These are also good places to take girls. There is a chemical released in your body when you're falling in love, it's called phenylethylamine. Chocolate can also make you feel that way, so give your girl some chocolate.

Restaurants – Can eat Chinese and other foreign foods and figure out what's good.

Sex outdoors – Find good spots to have sex outdoors. I know a good spot in the woods right of the side of the highway where there is a bunch of pine trees together. The limbs start about 4 foot up and there is a bed of pine needles on the ground below them. It just seems like a good spot to have sex – under the pines. Could find other good spots too.

Gun range – Could practice shooting guns at the gun range. I watch a lot of apocalyptic type of shows like the Walking Dead. Being able to handle a gun is good to know.

Shooting a bow – Shooting a bow and arrow would be fun.

Knife throwing – would be fun.

Do you have any other ideas of things you could do with a friend or partner?


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I'm not sure if I'd like a partner at the moment, but if I were to have a really good friend to hang out with, this would pretty much be my list:

- Going to concerts

- Roadtrips

- Eating out at restaurants

- Hiking

- Camping

- Playing Tennis

- Stargazing

- Going out for Coffee (Starbucks,ect)

- Playing Guitar

- Watching interesting movies

- Face Painting Each other

- Playing Video Games


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Playing guitar, that's a good one. Can't believe I didn't think of that. Road trips and tennis sound good too.


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Depends. With my sister i often go out for dinner and see a movie. With my dad i like to play golf. My friends/acquaintances i mostly know from tennis so thats easy. And with my girlfriend i often go shopping, have a coffee, cycling, hiking, citytrips, etc. Or just cook a nice meal at home and watch a movie/series on the couch :)
Laying on the couch all day watching horror movies.

Lights-out, curtains drawn, under a blanket watching Cronenberg while I play "the possessed hand" as she tries to follow the plot.

"Damn you evil appendage... let her alone!"