Theme songs from tv shows

Japanese opening 9 of Pokemon (Ironically I hate the season. ^^; )

YouTube - Pokemon opening japones 9

Japanese opening 1 of Pokemon (I can't STAND the first opening of the English version. And yeah... if you don't know what opening I'm talking about, you must be living under a rock because EVERYONE should know that obnoxious theme)

YouTube - Pokemon opening japones 1

Elfen Lied (Awesome anime is awesome. But be warned, it has a lot of nudity and gore. But this theme... Is just beautiful.)

YouTube - Elfen Lied Intro and Outro

.Hack//SIGN (If you like video games ESPECIALLY RPGs, you should watch this anime if you haven't already)

YouTube - .Hack//Sign Opening

Hoshi no Kaabii (Probably one of the cutest anime you'll ever see. :3 This theme is so much better than that DREADED English opening... Why is it most if not ALL the cute anime that ignorant people here in America thinks it's intended only for children turn out to have such poor dubs?)

YouTube - Hoshi No Kaabii Japanese theme

Paranoia Agent (A very weird anime but entertaining nontheless)

YouTube - Paranoia Agent Opening

Full Metal Alchemist opening 1 (The original series is amazing but the newer one is a bit too goofy for me. They basicly rewrote everything and said "What if this happened?")

YouTube - FMA Season 1 Opening